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Zoe's Christmas List.

Although technically this isn't Zoe's first Christmas, she was 17 days old last time and had zero clue what was happening and couldn't really enjoy anything except boobs and naps. This year however I am beyond excited to share the joy and magic of Christmas with her. Growing up Christmas was a BIG DEAL in our house, we went full on tacky with decorations, ceiling streamers, flashy lights and tinsel up the wazoo. Board games were mandatory and christmas morning was the absolute best! I can't wait to do all these things with Zoe (minus the tacky ceiling streamers and tinsel) and see her face light up on Christmas morning.

With her birthday being so close to Christmas this list will be split between the two, we're not crazy extravagant.

1. I am a sucker for wooden toys and I love this little bike and trailer from Early Learning Centre. We got it second hand from a local facebook selling site (brand new condition). It reminds me of the bikes in Santa Claus the Movie; although lets hope this one wasn't made by Dudley Moore and doesn't fall apart when she rides it for the first time.

2. I bloody love Boden baby clothes, if only I had the money she would wear nothing else. We've bought this gorgeous intarsia cardigan which I want her to wear on Christmas day itself.

3. Happyland, this was something I had never even heard of until recently. Whilst researching what to buy for Zoe I surveyed all my friends with kids and 99% of them said Happyland. Apparently its something they play with for years, so we grabbed this super cute fairy treehouse on sale for £20.

4. This wooden kitchen walker is so cute! I came across it when Jules from Butcher Baker Baby posted that she'd bought it for her little ones birthday. I was dying to get her a kitchen, so she could follow in my foodie footsteps but was put off by the "suggested" age kids play with kitchens. So when I found this I couldn't resist.

5. DUPLO! Now I am pretty sure this one is more for me. I love playing with lego and duplo, its so imaginative and fun. Similar to the happyland stuff it'll last a while too, I mean if I still love it at 29, its a pretty good investment.

6. Annual Pass to the Centre for Life. There are loads of great places in and around Newcastle to take kids, from national trust, to Seven Stories children's book centre. I spent ages weighing up the pros and cons of each before settling on the centre for life. Given the fact that we don't drive we ruled out national trust, as a lot are quite rural. The Centre for Life has more activities for Zoe's age range, and a few friends have a pass so we can go for play dates.

So these are her "main" presents. I may have gone a bit nuts on smaller gifts, although I am very bargain savvy so despite having an overflowing cupboard full of toys I haven't spent more than £100!

What's on your Christmas list? I might do one of these posts for me too, give Santa a few hints. lol