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Unexpected break

Well, I took a completely unplanned but massively needed break from blogging. I really enjoyed my final 6 months of maternity leave and while I have missed the blogging community and all it brings, its been good to just relax and enjoy time with my best girl.
So what have you missed? LOADS!

I honestly don't even know where to start. Zoe is 27 days away from being 1 years old! Seriously I know all parents say this but... Where has this first year gone? She has started walking and saying words and doing tiny human things that signify that she is no longer my little baby. It is amazing watching her grow and develop all of these new skills, but also pick up mannerisms and habits from me and her Dad.

I am back at work now, which I am actually really enjoying. I work three days a week and find I enjoy the time away to be me again. Cliched but true. I can go to work and tick things off a to-do list and feel a sense of accomplishment which you never really get from parenting. I mean you can have good days, but you never feel like you've completed anything, there is always something else to do or another hurdle to jump. Another cliche but parenting really is the hardest job in the world. While I love being a Mummy and cherish the days I spend with Zoe, I am definitely a better parent now I am back to work.

Another thing that dominated the last 6-8 months was my new found love of babywearing/slings. Those who follow me on Instagram will be painfully aware of my obsession, I found a lovely local community of like-minded and awesome Mums, and have now even completed my Peer Support Training through the School of Babywearing, so I can help enable other parents to become equally obsessed.

I am planning on slowly easing back into the world of blogging again, although at this precise moment in time I really have no idea on what to write about. Anything you'd particularly like to see from me? More recipes? Parenting posts? I suppose I am still trying to find my niche here, but hopefully we'll get there eventually, or at least have fun along the way.

I'd love to know people are actually still reading, so as well as obsessively stat-watching (we all do it) I would love a few comments, yep, that's right, I'm begging for comments... it would help to know I am not just talking to myself up in here.