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Meal Planning Monday - 30th November

Last week started so well, I made a delicious risotto on Monday, then Zoe got sent home from nursery with a fever and cold symptoms, and we all had caught it by the end of the week. Luckily she is well again now, but me and Paul are still struggling with sinus pain and general snottiness.

So, the rest of the week was a blur of spaghetti on toast and lemsips.

Oh well, it means we can carry over some things to this week, and save on shopping.

Monday - Fish and chips, shop bought breaded fish with homemade chips. Quick and easy yet delicious.

Tuesday - Pork chops with mash and veggies.

Wednesday - Slow cooker beef casserole. This will be the first outing of the slow cooker this year. I'd love any tips you might have on adding flavour as I can find beef stew a bit bland sometimes.

Thursday - Salmon fried rice - carried over from last week.

Friday - Homemade Pizzas - also carried over from last week, looking forward to this one.

My plan is to blog one of my meal plan recipes a week, so last week was risotto, what would you like to see blogged this week?