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A lesson in being thankful.

I've started buying lottery tickets again. I've never been a big gambler or lottery player, but with the current economic situation a big influx of cash would be very useful right about now... (childcare is HOW MUCH!?).

My problem with the lottery is that each and every time I buy a ticket I am absolutely convinced I am gong to win. I spend the money in my head, I browse Rightmove for the ideal house, I plan holidays, I imagine who I will gift money too and how... So, as you can imagine, when I inevitably don't win I am devastated and watch the dream house and holidays float further and further away. It actually a really disheartening experience, which leaves me feeling pretty deflated. I need to remind myself about all of the wonderful things we have, things that money can't buy.

So here it is, my things to be thankful for, something to look back on when my numbers don't come up...

1. Family - I don't have the biggest family in the world, immediate family can pretty much be counted on one hand, but the ones I do have are the absolute best. Paul is my best friend in the world, while he can infuriate me beyond belief at times I couldn't imagine life without him in it, and hope I never have to. Together we created the single best tiny human in the whole universe. My sister, where do I start? I am struggling to put in to words how much she means to me; everything. My Auntie Hilary, the best great Aunt Zoe could ask for! The in-laws who welcomed me into their family with open arms... I am incredibly lucky and thankful, I am a better person for having these people in my life.

2. Health - I may not be a size 10, or the fittest person on the planet but I have a strong and healthy body. In Pregnancy and since having Zoe I lost a fair bit of weight, not entirely intentionally but a combination of breastfeeding, healthier eating and a heck of a lot of walking while carrying an increasingly heavy baby has had an effect. My main goal in terms of my 'health' is to have a good sense of self worth and confidence in how I look and while I know a lot of people would look at size 16, make-up less, tired mum and not immediately think #bodygoals I am really happy with how I look AND feel right now. My main concern is being a strong role model for Zoe, I want her to grow up with self confidence.

I love this post from Brittany Gibbons which ends simply with the line "How do I teach my daughter to love her body? By loving the hell out of mine." Could not have said it better myself.

3. Friends - I really have some of the most wonderful friends, from people I've known since middle school who I may not see very often, but when I do its like we've never been apart. To people who I met only recently but I can't imagine my life without. During pregnancy and maternity leave I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible women, strong, like-minded Mums who have been my life-line. I really struggled going through these last two years without my Mum, not having that person to turn to with questions, the person that raised you and who I aspired to be as a Mum. So I will be eternally grateful to my friends for filling that void with their awesomeness.

4. Cake - This has been a rather intense post, so how better to end it than with cake? Because. Cake.