Thursday, 8 January 2015

One Month in the World.

One Month in the world, where on earth has that time gone?!

In the last 4 weeks Zoe has gone from a squashy little newborn to a slightly bigger squashy little 4 week old. She is starting to hold her head up on her own, she is making different facial expressions (although no smiles yet), and she is getting so much bigger! She no longer fits into her newborn sleepsuits! (WAH!).

I am looking forward to seeing her grow and develop, but I also want her to be this small and wonderful forever. I'm planning on doing one of these posts every month for her first year, I think it will be a lovely little record of her development. Seeing how quick this first month has gone has made me realise that its going to be very easy to forget the little things, so these "In the World" posts will act as a reminder for how far Zoe has come and how much she has grown each month.



  1. Aww Helen she is so beautiful! What a lovely idea, I will be tuning in :-) Lots of love xxx

  2. Hari Om too.... sooooooo beautiful!!! YAM xx

  3. She is beautiful - hope you are both doing well and managing to get some sleep! xx


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