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Newborn essentials.

The second you announce your pregnancy you get inundated with advice from anyone and everyone, everyone has their tips and tricks for coping with a newborn, and while each baby is different, I loved reading everyones experiences and enjoyed figuring out what worked for Zoe.

I bought a lot of things people recommended, and to be honest alot of it didn't work for us, but it helped to have options and things to try. So, with this in mind I thought I would share what worked for us.

1. Moses basket and rocking stand - Cribs, cots, baskets, co-sleeping... Oh my! So many options. A lot of Mums I spoke to told me their babies hated moses baskets, so I was worried we would be wasting our money, but I wanted something that could go next to our bed to make middle of the night feeds easier and keep her close by. Cribs and things are pretty pricey and not as easy to move around, we carry the moses basket downstairs through the day.
luckily she absolutely loves it and at this very moment is fast asleep next to me in her basket. I opted for the rocking stand, despite lots of people telling me their baby hated it, or they became reliant on being rocked etc... Zoe liked being rocked but isn't dependant on it to fall asleep, plus it looks really nice.

2. Munchkin Pour and Strain Whales - Zoe loves a bath, we have started having one every night as it really chills her out at her fussiest time of day and I find she tends to fall asleep after a bath. The first couple of baths we struggled to hold her and wash her, so when we were bought these whales they were a godsend. They act like little shower heads, so we can easily rinse her hair and wash her little body. I can't wait until she is old enough to play with them too.

3. Sleeping Bags - When we first brought Zoe home we were using blankets in the moses basket as she was too small for the sleeping bags I had bought. She never liked the blankets and kicked them off constantly. Since we started using the sleeping bags she is much easier to settle after a night feed, as I keep her in the bag to feed, so there is no loss of warmth when she goes back to her basket. An absolute lifesaver for getting back to sleep quickly (her and me).

4. Nursing Pillow - We are breastfeeding Zoe on demand. So some days I spend hours with a baby attached to my boob. After a while this can take its toll on your back. I have found my nursing pillow a necessity, it makes the whole experience much more comfortable for both of us. If you plan on breastfeeding for any length of time, its worth the investment.

5. Lansinoh - The most recommended product by a mile, every single mum I met when pregnant mentioned this dream cream and now I am one of them. The benefit of this product is that it is safe for baby to feed when using it. My over-used nips are eternally grateful for this little purple tube.

6. H&M Nursing Vests - Finding fashionable and affordable nursing clothes is a challenge, so I am eternally grateful to H&M for their Mama range. Their vests are great, they have the clips for easy access and come in a nice range of colours and patterns. If anyone has any other nursing clothing recommendations, please shout!

7. Dolce Gusto Latte - A no brainer for any sleep deprived parents, a lovely latte in the morning helps wake me up and feel human.

8. Muslins - Puke, milky dribbles, leaky boobs... Motherhood is glamorous! I always have a muslin to hand wherever I am.

9. Sleepsuits - Repeat after me... Integral scratch mits. Seriously, why don't all newborn sleepsuits have this? I have 7-8 sleepsuits with integral mits, and 35 without, guess which ones Zoe lives in? Newborn fingernails are sharp little suckers and separate mittens will fall off approximately 65,000 times a day.

10. Benefit They're Real - I have not even thought about make-up since Zoe was born, I am lucky if I get a shower and can blowdry my hair! But sometimes you need a little something to make you feel like you made an effort. This mascara is a winner for me, lovely long thick lashes and a dash of lip gloss = One glamorous mamma.

So there you have it, my top 10 things to help you cope with those first 4-6 weeks of motherhood. There is one more item I wanted to add but I decided to dedicate an entire post to it, as its something I love using and I want to really harp on about it. So there is something for you to look forward to...

Hope you are enjoying these baby posts, as always, I love to hear your opinions and comments below.