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Meal Planning Monday - 13th October

You may have noticed I've had a bit of a makeover (the blog, not me, your lucky if I remember to apply mascara these days). I have done a lot of thinking recently about the blog and my lack of posting. What it boiled down to is that the blog as it was just wasn't an accurate reflection of me any more. Yes, I still enjoy cooking and being creative in the kitchen, but my life is about so much more. Previously I felt weird blogging about anything other than food, like I was letting people down if every post didn't contain a recipe.

I realise now that this is all a bit melodramatic, and that under all this self indulgent pondering this blog is about me, and by putting it into a single category I was limiting myself. So, in conclusion; things are changing, and it is good.

Back to business, in my sudden spurt of energy and nesting that happened today, I have created a meal plan! Hooray!

Leftover roast pork egg fried rice, with peas and chilli oil.

A sort yourself out night, I will be having gnocchi with pesto, rocket and capers.

Butter chicken with brown rice, its out of a jar, but yummy non the less

Bolognese, either in a pasta bake, or with spaghetti, depending what we fancy.

Chicken enchiladas.

Quite a simple meal plan, lots of convenience, but I am usually ready for bed by 6:30pm so needs must.

I am only 6 weeks away from my due date now, people keep telling me how quickly this pregnancy is going, I cannot disagree enough! I currently feel like I have been pregnant forever and a day!

I do hope you like the new look, and enjoy some of the new things I will be sharing/posting.