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Meal Planning Monday - 28th July

How hot has it been? I am using this photo of Ruby to illustrate how we are not at all coping well with the humidity.

So what with morning sickness and general tiredness I have been more than a little lazy where meal planning is concerned. Take aways have been had and a shocking number of "toast for dinner" days. As I am feeling better I have decided to take advantage and get a meal plan sorted.

Breakfasts are cereal or toast, and lunches are leftovers where possible, or sandwiches. I find myself grazing a lot through the day, as I get heartburn in the evening so try to eat little and often. Snacks of crackers, babybel, fruit, carrot sticks etc... are always on hand.

Veggie Stirfry for me, and chicken and risotto for him. He doesn't like vegetables and I fancy something crunchy and fresh.

BBQ chicken thighs with sweet potato wedges and corn on the cob

Beef lasagne

Salmon with homemade egg fried rice. I am trying to make myself like salmon more, by eating it at least once a week, so far its not as bad as anticipated.

I am out for a colleagues leaving drinks, so will be eating out.

A nice varied meal plan to ease me back in, lets see if I can stick to it...