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Baby Nelly - Second Trimester Update.

It feels like forever ago that I made the announcement that we are expecting, its so weird as I feel like it is flying by, but also dragging. The second trimester has been much more fun than the first, a little less worrying and a lot more buying of cute things. Although, the worry is still there. Google is not my friend.

We found out at our 20 week scan that we are having a little girl (probably). They couldn't say 100% but the sonographer seemed pretty sure, and from my inexperienced point of view it sure didn't look like a boy... So we are playing it safe and keeping the big purchases in neutral/bright colours, just in case. I couldn't resist purchasing a few girly things though.

I feel like I have got my cooking mojo back a little, but its been far too hot to cook much. I am not complaining as I know summer will be gone in the blink of an eye, but I can't wait for that autumn crispness in the air and the urge to bake pie.

While I haven't been baking/cooking much, I have still been doing some fun foodie things. I went to a lovely blogger afternoon networking event organised by Lovely Lauren from Scran on the Tyne. This was held at Gusto in Newcastle, where we got to sample their fabulous menu. Seriously, it was so delicious, platters of meats and cheeses, pizza, pasta, risotto, salad... We got to try it all. If you're looking for good italian food in a beautiful setting, Gusto is the place for you.

I was too busy scoffing at Gusto to take pictures, but I snapped this lush photo of the Quayside. Ooops *bad blogger*

I also was invited along to try out Cake Poppins new royal icing classes, where we got to experiment and decorate some biscuits. Kate from Cake Poppins is such a fantastic (and patient!) teacher, I learn't loads of techniques, which I plan to replicate as soon as I can at home.

Kate also offers other classes in cake pops, cupcakes and macarons, all of which I have been to and can not recommend enough.

So, as I type this at nearly 23 weeks I am feeling pretty darn good, well apart from the heat, heartburn and lack of sleep, but lets not mention those. The plan over the next few weeks is to get more baby things organised, I want to be well prepared as I know I will not want to do anything as I expand into the third trimester.

Any parenting/pregnancy pearls of wisdom or advice is always welcome, so please do comment below, I am a total novice here and appreciate any advice I can get!

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