Wednesday, 14 May 2014


So, as you can probably tell from the above grainy picture of my uterus... I have some news!

In around six months time we will be welcoming a new little person into our family. It has been a very long couple of months of sickness and secret keeping but finally I can tell everyone. I partly haven't been baking and blogging due to feeling rubbish and steering clear of any interesting food, but also as I am a terrible secret keeper and I would have struggled to carry on blogging without blurting it out.

So, apologies for disappearing for the last few months, I am really looking forward to getting back to it and hopefully, sickness permitting, baking again!

Luckily I do have some posts from February that I didn't get around to finishing or publishing, so look out for some recipes very soon.

Hope you all had a lovely March/April, and I am looking forward to sharing some lovely summer recipes with you.



  1. So so happy for you. Having suffered with sickness through my entire pregnancy (it was awful) - I can tell you it is all worth it! You have so much love and happiness ahead of you. Big congrats and hugs! xx

  2. Congratulations Nelly, so happy for you! xxx Iris

  3. Congratulations! Rest up mummy! You will need the energy! :D xxx

  4. Congratualtions Nelly! Such an exciting time for you, glad you're back to blogging x

  5. Hari OM
    YYAAAAAYYYY at last I can blurt the secret too! I know a certain aunty who is well excited at becoming 'great' &*> Congratulations my dear and wishing you relief soon from the quesies! YAM xx

  6. Thank you Yam! Just got to convince Auntie H to move up here for babysitting duty!! xxx

  7. Thanks lovely! Hope Baby Franklin is doing well, love seeing his cheeky chops on IG. xxx

  8. Oh god! I hope I don't suffer the whole time!!! I am fed up. :(
    It'll be worth it in the end though. xx

  9. Massive congratulations! Exciting time for you x


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