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Meal Planning Monday - 11th November

Gratuitous Picture of my Cat

Hello, My name is Nelly and its been nearly a month since my last blog post...


Life has just got in the way recently and my words just wouldn't form sentences. I have been very, very busy though and will be filling you in on all the gossip in the next few weeks. I am starting a new series called "Stuff What I Did" so you can hear all about what I get up to and I can tell you about the lovely places I have been and the delicious food I've been sampling...

Basically, for the past few weeks I haven't meal planned, or really cooked anything. I have been living on sandwiches and eating out! I am still pretty busy this week, but wanted to try and bring some semblance of order back to my life, and writing these posts help me do this. So, here is the plan;

Homemade lasagna with garlic bread and wine - I was away most of the weekend so promised to make a nice meal tonight, we might even set the table and eat like civilised humans!

Gammon Steaks with potato wedges and fried egg - I have a vast amount of Children in Need related baking to do so needed something easy, yet delicious which wouldn't take up too much oven time.

I am out at a Charity Night so no idea what I will be eating, but I won't be home to cook.

Enchiladas! I am deeply obsessed with mexican food right now, so plan on rustling up some chipolte chicken enchiladas.

Once again I am out, a beloved work-colleague is leaving so we are saying farewell with a few drinks.

As it stands I have no plans for this weekend, but really want to get back into the kitchen and create something! Excuse me while I hop on over to pinterest and plan some weekend kitchen magic. (suggestions welcome)