Monday, 9 September 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 9th Sept

Its September folks! That crept up on us a little didn't it? I am heading into a very busy time at work, so I can only apologise if posting becomes a little erratic. Who am I kidding? My posts are always pretty erratic! I keep reading all of these blog-guides on how it is better to have a post schedule and stick to it to encourage regular readership. I tend to start off well then have weeks of nothingness.

Note to self: be more organised.

I am sure you guys don't mind my slight scatter-brain tendencies right?

This weeks meal plan is heavily autumn influenced this week...

Roast Chicken Dinner, we never got around to it yesterday and opted for ham sandwiches for dinner instead!

Spicy chicken lasagne or enchiladas using leftover roast chicken.

I am out at the Tea Owl Pop Up Picnic tonight, so Paul will be fending for himself.

Pork chops with mashed sweet potatoes and vegetables.

Toad in the hole

For breakfast this week I am making overnight oats, which I will be dedicating an entire post to in the near future. I am deeply obsessed with this breakfast choice.

Lunches - I am trying to not spend money on food through the week, so leftovers and tinned soup will be heavily relied upon this week.

I have entered my meal plan into Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday linky as always.



  1. We're having a Roast Chicken Dinner tonight too....I find it so hard to do anything on a Sundays are my lazy days! :)

  2. I agree Sunday should be for laziness! It is tipping down with rain here so a Monday night roast dinner is called for.

  3. Would be interested to hear about the overnight oats.

  4. A post coming very soon. I am eating them every morning this week so will share all my flavour combos.

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