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Great British Bake Off - Custard Tarts

Great British Bake Off 2013

Well last weeks Great British Bake Off post never happened did it? To be honest I was thoroughly underwhelmed by last week. This was not the fault of the contestants but more the weird choice of bakes. Not a single trifle really stood out to me (plus I don't really like trifle, I tend to just eat the cream/custard and leave the rest).

The îles flottantes looked less than appetising, granted I have never tried them before but I certainly didn't feel inspired to rush into the kitchen and make them. The showstopper petit fours seemed out of place this week, weren't they a final bake in the past? They seemed unrelated to the other bakes and although Beca's teeny tiny macarons did wow me, I just wasn't feeling it last week!

This weeks show however was back on form. I love a good pie!

Pastry is one of my favourite things to make and I love playing around with different combinations; both sweet and savoury. I loved the look of Beca's rhubarb pie and totally agree with her opinion on soggy bottoms. I don't see the big deal on soggy bottom pastry, if its soggy as in raw then yes big no-no, if it is soggy as in soaked in yummy filling and drenched in custardy goodness then YES!
If you are having a quiche or cold tart au citron then a nice crisp base is essential, but in a nice homely fruit pie or a big meat pie with gravy does it really matter? No.

The technical bake this week was custard tarts, it was a bit of a disaster for everyone involved. Custard tarts are one of my favourite sweet treats, I remember when I was a kid going to The Baker's Oven (Holler if you remember the Baker's Oven!!) and getting a custart tart for me and a belgium bun for my sister. It has proper nostalgic connections for me.

I made a small batch of them on Saturday. I have made them a lot in the past, and they even formed part of my bake when I was on Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. I reduced my recipe to just 6 tarts, as frankly my waistline just couldn't take the temptation.

My tarts were small but full of flavour. I popped a small teaspoon of maple syrup in my custard and topped with freshly grated nutmeg. Beyond delicious.

You can find my Egg Custard Tart recipe here. I halved the custard quantity as I remember I had a lot left over last time for only 6 tarts.

I still think Beca is my favourite on Bake-off although Kimberley is doing really well too. Who are your favourites this year? Next week is tray bakes and biscuits, I am toying with the idea of brownies or caramel shortbread, what do you think?