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Great British Bake Off - Custard Tarts

Great British Bake Off 2013

Well last weeks Great British Bake Off post never happened did it? To be honest I was thoroughly underwhelmed by last week. This was not the fault of the contestants but more the weird choice of bakes. Not a single trifle really stood out to me (plus I don't really like trifle, I tend to just eat the cream/custard and leave the rest).

The îles flottantes looked less than appetising, granted I have never tried them before but I certainly didn't feel inspired to rush into the kitchen and make them. The showstopper petit fours seemed out of place this week, weren't they a final bake in the past? They seemed unrelated to the other bakes and although Beca's teeny tiny macarons did wow me, I just wasn't feeling it last week!

This weeks show however was back on form. I love a good pie!

Pastry is one of my favourite things to make and I love playing around with different combinations; both sweet and savoury. I loved the look of Beca's rhubarb pie and totally agree with her opinion on soggy bottoms. I don't see the big deal on soggy bottom pastry, if its soggy as in raw then yes big no-no, if it is soggy as in soaked in yummy filling and drenched in custardy goodness then YES!
If you are having a quiche or cold tart au citron then a nice crisp base is essential, but in a nice homely fruit pie or a big meat pie with gravy does it really matter? No.

The technical bake this week was custard tarts, it was a bit of a disaster for everyone involved. Custard tarts are one of my favourite sweet treats, I remember when I was a kid going to The Baker's Oven (Holler if you remember the Baker's Oven!!) and getting a custart tart for me and a belgium bun for my sister. It has proper nostalgic connections for me.

I made a small batch of them on Saturday. I have made them a lot in the past, and they even formed part of my bake when I was on Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. I reduced my recipe to just 6 tarts, as frankly my waistline just couldn't take the temptation.

My tarts were small but full of flavour. I popped a small teaspoon of maple syrup in my custard and topped with freshly grated nutmeg. Beyond delicious.

You can find my Egg Custard Tart recipe here. I halved the custard quantity as I remember I had a lot left over last time for only 6 tarts.

I still think Beca is my favourite on Bake-off although Kimberley is doing really well too. Who are your favourites this year? Next week is tray bakes and biscuits, I am toying with the idea of brownies or caramel shortbread, what do you think?



  1. I think Beca is easily coming across the best. She's got excellent banter with Mel & Sue and so fair they haven't edited her to be too competitive, just really lovely.

  2. I agree I love her sense of humour and the banter with Mel and Sue is top notch.

  3. That episode was a bit of a let down, looking forward to tomorrow though! Drove past Glenn at the weekend, he was just chilling with john waites! I hope this doesnt mean hes the winner...
    Custard tarts look beaut, these are by far my fave afternoon tea treat.

  4. Ugh, not a John fan on this blog I am afraid. I can't see Glenn winning, but maybe he has some tricks up his hoody sleeves?

  5. aaaah, how comes? he has done food blogger classes at the workshop i work in, he was lovely but perhaps not the best baker on the block!

    i was kinda expecting glenn to leave this week and i cant believe im saying this but his showstopper looked mouthwatering tonight! oh my oh my.

  6. My dislike of John is a funny one, I didn't think he was the clear winner and got a bit cynical about the whole show after. Also his remarks on twitter during the show (which have since been deleted) were out of order and damn right rude!

  7. really?! d'ya know what i kinda had the feeling he was a bit cynical after a remark he made when i asked him about the other contestants. i dont think it was a fair win last year, and i think he knows that which is possibly where the bitterness comes from?
    aha this is possibly the bitchiest comment i have ever written. oh dear.


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