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Meal Planning Monday - 19th August

Another week, another meal plan. I have been pretty good at sticking to the meal plan lately but it tends to be lunch times and snacking that is my downfall. The scales are not my friend at the moment. I wouldn't mind if I was enjoying it, but I am jut eating crap for the sake of it really.

So if someone could kindly kick me up the bum and remind me how great I felt a few months ago? Cheers?

The boyfriend is off out to watch the football so I am just feeding me. I am thinking some sort of chicken salad or omelette.

Pasta bake, I'll make two individual ones, mine with lots of vegetables and his with lots of meat.

Pork chops with jacket potatoes and salad.

Quorn chilli with brown rice and spicy peppers.

Steak night! Aldi do wonderful sirloin steaks so we decided to treat ourselves this week. We will probably serve them with homemade wedges, or sweet potato fries.

My quest to not buy lunch actually went really well last week! I had leftovers most days, or sandwiches. As a reward everyone in the office went out for lunch on Friday to Ninos, an italian restaurant in the city centre. I think saving something nice for a friday will help me stick to my homemade lunch pledge.

I think this week I will treat myself to a healthy lunch from Ninety Nine, a new gourmet takeaway near Grey's monument. A review will be on the blog soon.

In other news; BAKE OFF STARTS TOMORROW!?!? Who is excited?

I have entered my meal plan into Mrs M's linky.