Thursday, 1 August 2013

48 hours at Edinburgh Fringe ... Yes Please!


I have entered #48HrFringe with Premier Inn

Edinburgh Fringe. It is one of those events that I have always wanted to go to but never got around to actually doing. I have hopped on a train to Edinburgh numerous times, I love the vibe of the city, the architecture, the food... It is a lovely place to visit and I am lucky enough to live just over an hour away by train.

When I saw the Foodies100 were running a contest to win 48 hours in Edinburgh for the fringe festival I started writing this post. But alas, as I have never been to the fringe I don't really know what I would do in those 48 hours. There is just so many events and I wouldn't know where to begin!

The idea of this little post is to transport myself to a fantasy world, me and friend have £500 to do with what we want! What would we do? I suppose the answer is... As much as we can possibly fit in!

I want to wander the streets, see shows in unique venues, experience new comedians and maybe catch a few favourites. I saw Sarah Millican's preview at The Stand in Newcastle recently and it was brilliant, so I would love to see the whole show. Browsing the fringe programme is not helping in my deciding what I'd like to see issue, it all looks great! So many diverse acts, not just comedy, music, cabaret, art. Sounds like my idea of pure heaven. I love the look of Late 'n' Live but I am unsure I will be able to stay up that late!

I don't claim to be an expert on all things Fringe, but I would relish the opportunity to immerse myself in some culture for 48 hours. Also we haven't been able to get away anywhere as a couple this year so a little romantic break wouldn't go a miss.

I'd probably spend most of the £500 on food, one of my favourite bloggers, Ever So Juliet is based in Edinburgh and I'd love to try some of the places she recommends here. Lovecrumbs looks amazing!

As I would likely be visiting with my boyfriend we would need to factor in some sort of burger place and perhaps some whiskey drinking. I am sure we could manage that!

This blog post is my entry into the Foodies100 competition as part of Premier Inn’s Festival Fringe campaign. If I win my ideal 48 hour Edinburgh Festival Fringe weekend, I’d love to stay at Haymarket.

So, have you been to the fringe? Are you going this year? I would love to hear your fringe stories or recommendations.


  1. Hari OM
    YAAAYYYYY!!!! (ahem...sorry [wriggles in chair and takes deep breath[). Even if you don't win the competition, Nelly, you MUST experience the Fringe. The trick is to learn to sleep on your feet whilst waiting in line for the next show...&*> or not. I had not been of course in over 20 years, then before coming to Mumbai, you'll recall, I spent a few weeks in Edin. I splurged and managed 16 shows. One of them was a group in which your Aunty Hilary's cousin played a part - it was fantastic!! How to get the best out of it?
    a) know your map well and when booking, ensure there is a flow of travel and not too much back and forth or opposite sides of the city.
    b) Unless you know artists/shows you particularly want to see, the good ol' stick a pin it methodology has been know to yield some worthwhile adventures.
    c) pack a picnic - relying on matching up eating with shows can be a challenge - unless as you mention, you count certain bistro visitations as shows in themselves!
    d) d/load and familiarise yourself with the buses. Edin transport is THE BEST and you can buy an all day ticket if you are hopping on and off more than three times in 24 hours.

    How's that for starters? If you win, or decide to make the trip anyway, give me a 'hoi' and we'll talk the small stuff!! &*> YAM xx

    1. Hi Yam, thank you for the comment!

      If I don't win I might have to bite the bullet and try to go. It seems a shame to live so close and not go!


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