Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Summary

I am in full-on Holiday mode as of last Friday! I am off work for a whole blissful week. It is my Birthday on Thursday so I have lots of little fun things planned throughout the whole week. I have always felt birthdays are over far too quickly so birthday weeks are more my style.

I'll fill you all in on my exciting birthday funsies next week, but for now here is what I got up to in the last week.

I baked some delicious treat to take into work in celebration of my birthday. I baked some dark chocolate brownies and some chocolate swirl meringues. They went down an absolute treat! Considering the fact that I spend a lot of time baking I hardly ever take things to work, it is a good feeling having people compliment your baking though.

The meringue recipe was courtesy of Amy from She Cook She Eats who has starting vlogging recently, you should check out her videos, the one for poached eggs is a game-changer. I had never had much luck with poached eggs but thanks to Amy I made some for my dinner on Tuesday, they were perfect!

The Chocolate meringues I made were for the people at work who are on diets. I used "half-spoon" sugar and Weight Watchers cocoa. They were really mallowy in the middle, such a treat!

I also spent a lot of last weekend in the garden. The weather over the last week has been nothing short of glorious so it was great to get out in it. Although the SPF 50 sunscreen was out in full force!

I have a tiny little front yard which has been woefully neglected over the last two years (by me). The weeds were getting a little out of control - to the point that I lost the cat in them! Something had to be done. So I borrowed a spade from a neighbour a got to work.

It took the best part of two days, I was sweaty, red faced and achy by the end but it was worth it! Also, who needs an expensive gym membership when you can work up a sweat in the garden!?

Finally, I thought I would share the book I just finished. Its a lovely story of two teenage girls and their friendship, I would say this was perfect holiday reading material, not a difficult read but just a lovely story which I had trouble putting down! I am always looking for recommendations of books to read, so if you have one please send it my way! I am reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn right now, I'll let you know how I get on with it.

Hope you all had a lovely week in the sunshine.



  1. Thanks for the shout-out — but it's Ashley's poaching skills, not mine! xx

  2. Hope you're enjoying your birthday week, your mallowy meringues sound amazing. I've also been layering up my factor 50 sunscreen this week, the weather has been insane!

  3. Belated happy birthday for last week! We are book twins at the moment - I have just finished reading Paper Aeroplanes and read Gone Girl not so long ago. Not sure anything is going to top Gone Girl for me this year, loved it! My top tip for books is Dorothy Koomson, I love anything she had written but the Rose Petal Beach recently is one of the best in my opinion - her books are very character focused but there's always a 'mystery' to each one.


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