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Meal Planning Monday - 8th July

The last couple of weeks at work have been pretty full-on. Lots of stressful, headache inducing, long days which inevitable led to crashing on the sofa evenings where cooking was the last thing on my mind. The dishes piled up, we ate a lot of pasta based dishes; it was not pretty or fun.

Now its over I am keen to get back on the straight and narrow, not only with housework/cooking but also being a little healthier. My Weight Watchers membership ran out a few weeks ago and I haven't been in the right mindset to rejoin. I have gained a couple of pounds but I am reluctant to rejoin straight away as I was beginning to get a bit complacent and if you are not in the right mindset it can just be a tremendous waste of money!

So anyway, here is me trying to be organised and stuff...

My breakfasts this week will be cereal with milk/yoghurt and fruit, my lunches will be soup/salads/leftovers.

Breakfast will consist over bacon, either in sandwich form or alongside some form of egg.
We will then have a lovely roast pork dinner in the evening, with all the trimmings.

Quorn and black bean chilli with brown rice.

Leftover chilli enchiladas with salad.

BBQ chicken thighs with sweet potato wedges and salad.

Harrisa and chorizo pasta bake (with plenty of leftovers for lunches)

We have a choice of either king prawn linguine or lightly dusted haddock filet with boiled potatoes and veggies. All depends on if we are a bit pasta-d out after Thursday.

Saturday night will be homemade pizza night!

I did everything the right way round this week, planning the meals and then ordering the food online, so we only spent £46 (including cat food and litter) and have everything we need! Bonus.

I have entered my meal plan into Mrs M's linky.