Thursday, 11 July 2013

Manchego and Chive Scones.

I have come to the conclusion through lots of googling and absolutely no medical expertise that I may be slightly intolerant to dairy. I won't get all "embarrassing bodies" on here but having cut dairy out for two weeks in May I definitely felt better. I haven't been able to keep up with the no-dairy thing though, I mean MOZZARELLA! BRIE! LATTE! I just can't stop having all the lovely things! I have zero willpower.

While I was on my no-dairy kick I decided to experiment with a bit of non-dairy baking. I was initially rather proud of these scones, however, someone kindly pointed out on twitter that they aren't dairy-free. I still don't quite understand it as I thought sheep's cheese was dairy-free but apparently not. *shrugs*

Either way it is delicious and cow's milk free which seems to be what causes my issues so I am happy....

I am definitely trying to cut back on the dairy front, substituting cows milk for soya or almond/hazelnut, using Pure soya margarine, trying to cut back on cheese consumption or use lacto-free. It is really hard to cut out completely as so many things have dairy listed in the ingredients but I figure if I cut back and be aware of my reactions to things I can start to feel better without feeling deprived.

I would be interested to hear if any of you have a food intolerance and how you handle it.

These beauties didn't look like traditional scones, but the flavour was amazing. The smokey manchego really came through and the spelt flour added a nuttyness to the dough without being dry. Overall I was impressed with them and had them alongside homemade soup for my lunches all week long!

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Manchego and Chive Scones
  • 250g Plain Flour
  • 200g Spelt Flour
  • 1 teaspoon Bicarbonate of soda
  • a pinch of Salt
  • 30g Pure Dairy-free spread
  • 325ml Almond Milk
  • 110g Manchego Cheese
  • A handful of Roughly chopped chives
Sift together the dry ingredients into a bowl (flour, baking powder, bicarb and salt)add the dairy free spread and rub it into the flour mixture.slowly add the almond milk to the dry mixture, I use my Kitchenaid to form the dough but you can do it by hand. You are looking for a scruffy looking dough.Finally add the cheese and chives, working it through the dough. (I held back a little handful of the cheese for the tops)I formed small balls from my dough rather than cutting and sprinkled some spare cheese on the top.I baked at 180C (fan assisted) for 12-15 minutes, until nice and golden on the top.

I managed to get 15 scones from this dough, which worked out at 4 Weight Watchers Propoints each.

If you have any tips on how to be dairy-free I would love to hear them, or any recipes you may have please leave me a link!? Thanks!



  1. These scones look lovely, I quite like playing around with the traditional scone recipe to come up with something a bit different. Have you tried any recipes from Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache, veg is used to provide the liquid component instead of milk & butter. I had a go at creating my own version here.

    We think my boyfriend has developed a lactose intolerance recently. He had a stomach bug late last year and after recovering he still wasn't feeling quite right so got him to stop having milk for a few days. It was sheer guesswork as milk is the only thing he eats that I don't and I felt fine. No intolerance for me, I just don't like the taste. He started feeling better so had a go with the lactofree brand milk and so far it seems to be going well. Again no formal diagnosis here, he does feel a bit squiffy if he falls off the wagon and has a cream cake or some ice cream but generally not too bad. He also refused to give up chocolate, biscuits and cake during our little experiment so never went completely dairy free. He seems fine with my baking, I often use Stork anyway which probably helps.

    I have a dairy free carrot cake recipe if you'd like to give it a go

    1. Thanks Jen! I will check out those links. I like the idea of the veg replacing butter/milk.

  2. Hari OM
    Nelly, dairy covers all things milk related, of animal source. Not all milk is the same however, which is why goat and sheep milk is often offered in contrast to cow's milk - the latter is high in LACTOSE. Intolerance for lactose is a growing problem and as a health practitioner, am inclined to think this is in part due to the over-processing of the product. (Very long debate and huge controversy.. not for this space!). Be aware that not all soy milks are equal either...

    There should be testing available to ascertain any intolerance. If you suspect at all this is possible, I would heartily recommend you seek medical confirmation.

    That said, reducing dairy when in weight-loss mode is anyway sensible. Soy can be equally high in calories though. Rice and nutmilks are good alternatives in this case.

    On the matter of cheese, something else to consider is whether animal rennet has been used in production. Nowadays, many producers are resorting to microbial setting (similar to curd/yoghurt) in order to accommodate pure vegetarian consumers - but this is also better in case of health.

    That all said, golly these scones look and sound YUMMY!!! I could almost smell them baking. I have a good imagination &*>

    Sorry no recipe, but hope this gives a little more "food for thought". YAM xx


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