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Bourbon Spiked Banana Bread

I have a confession to make. I am slightly obsessed with Joy the Baker. Not in a crazy/stalker/worrying way, but in a totally healthy girl-crush/ I want to be you a little bit - way. I am a little late to the party with this obsession as I know friends of mine have been following her for a while. I guess I was reluctant to try any of her recipes as they were American and what the heck is a cup anyways?! However, after I binge-listened to about 95 episodes of the Joy the Baker podcast I finally succumbed and bought her cookbook.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Flicking through this book, I don't think there is a single recipe I don't want to try. From the buttermilk cinnamon rolls to the pimped-out rice crispie treats... I want to try them all!

However as soon as I clapped eyes on the bourbon laced banana bread I knew, it was meant to be. If there are two things that are always readily available in my kitchen its rotting bananas and bourbon. The chocolate is a little harder to come by (as I tend to eat it before I get a chance to bake it) but a quick trip to the corner shop for emergency bournville and I was all set.

The batter was so easy to make, just a few minutes in the Kitchen Aid, and then pour into a loaf tin. It took quite a while to cook (slightly longer than stated in the recipe) but was well worth the wait. The bourbon came through really strongly and my whole house smelled like boozey/banana-heaven. It took me about 3 days to polish off the whole thing, I refused to share this one (sorry coworkers, this one is MINE!)

Now listen, I am probably going to irritate you now but not actually posting the recipe. The reason being, you should totally buy this book! I rarely do this, as I rarely find a book that I don't mind actually paying for (I am a cheap-skate). This one however is totally worth the £9.59 its selling for on Amazon.

If you don't have the cash for a new cookbook right now, there are plenty of recipes on Joy's blog to keep you going in the mean time.

So, I am sorry if you were expecting a kick-ass recipe and ended up reading a book review. I think over the summer I am going to totally experiment with this basic banana bread recipe and create my own rockin' version. So keep an eye out for that!

Also, my birthday is just around the corner (July 18th!) so if you have any cookbook/gadget recommendations let me know as that birthday money will be burning a hole!