Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Summary

Well, it's been a rather eventful yet uneventful week here. Things have been quiet on the blog due to me being struck down with plague (this might be a slight over-dramatization).

Pretty much the day after I got back from Milton Keynes I started to feel a bit sniffly. This quickly developed into a full blown chest infection, which lead to me spending the best part of three days in bed feeling very sorry for myself.

My 3 days in bed were made somewhat more enjoyable by my playful little nurse who we dubbed "shadow-cat". She never left my side, even when nature called she was right there by my side; things got awkward.
I also watched about 4 series of Charmed back to back on Netflix which brought back so many memories of my teenage years. Good times.

I did a little retail therapy with my sister at the weekend. As my wardrobe is busting at the seams I splurged on some new make-up. I am a big fan of Benefit products which tend to be pretty pricey. I bought one of these fab boxes which contained some of my favourite products in miniture form. The "They're Real" mascara is amazing - I highly recommend. I also bought a new MUA lip stain which is an absolute bargain and stays put for hours.

I tend to be a little lazy with my food photography so decided to try my hand at a little food styling. You will see the full blog post shortly but I was pretty pleased with the results. My love of baking and blogging is slowly coming back and it feels pretty good.

Yesterday I was doing a routine update of my macbook pro when it died. I don't know if it was a dud-update or something but it just refused to boot and corrupted my data. Luckily I live with the master of all technology and he stayed up until 2am bringing it back to life. It was a pretty stressful 8 hours but thankfully it is up and running again. *phew*

The nightmare of the laptop just happened to coincide with World Gin Day, so to relieve some of the stress I made myself a really tasty cocktail. I had a pot of leftover roasted strawberries from some earlier baking so I muddled them together in my cocktail shaker with some fresh basil leaves. I popped in some ice and poured in a generous measure of gin. After some vigorously fun shaking I strained it into an ice filled tumbler and topped up with bitter lemon.

Beyond refreshing!

Hope you all had a better week than I did.



  1. I saw your food styling experiments on Instagram — they looked absolutely fantastic. I can't believe you're the girl who was self conscious about her food photos once, they were gorgeous!

    Also, that photo of you is beautiful. Your eyelashes look INCREDIBLE. Is that the Benefit mascara? I'm a big fan of Benefit make-up... x

  2. Hari OM
    Hey there from Mumbai - I agree with Amy above - and just said to your Auntie Hilly-bee - that it was a very pretty picture up there!! Sorry you had the lurgy. Glad you're picking up again.

    Like the sound of that cocktail, but not sure I could handle the gin!! You might have to relieve me of being in charge of a keyboard &*> Continue being well, YAM-aunty xx


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