Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Summary

Well, it's been a rather eventful yet uneventful week here. Things have been quiet on the blog due to me being struck down with plague (this might be a slight over-dramatization).

Pretty much the day after I got back from Milton Keynes I started to feel a bit sniffly. This quickly developed into a full blown chest infection, which lead to me spending the best part of three days in bed feeling very sorry for myself.

My 3 days in bed were made somewhat more enjoyable by my playful little nurse who we dubbed "shadow-cat". She never left my side, even when nature called she was right there by my side; things got awkward.
I also watched about 4 series of Charmed back to back on Netflix which brought back so many memories of my teenage years. Good times.

I did a little retail therapy with my sister at the weekend. As my wardrobe is busting at the seams I splurged on some new make-up. I am a big fan of Benefit products which tend to be pretty pricey. I bought one of these fab boxes which contained some of my favourite products in miniture form. The "They're Real" mascara is amazing - I highly recommend. I also bought a new MUA lip stain which is an absolute bargain and stays put for hours.

I tend to be a little lazy with my food photography so decided to try my hand at a little food styling. You will see the full blog post shortly but I was pretty pleased with the results. My love of baking and blogging is slowly coming back and it feels pretty good.

Yesterday I was doing a routine update of my macbook pro when it died. I don't know if it was a dud-update or something but it just refused to boot and corrupted my data. Luckily I live with the master of all technology and he stayed up until 2am bringing it back to life. It was a pretty stressful 8 hours but thankfully it is up and running again. *phew*

The nightmare of the laptop just happened to coincide with World Gin Day, so to relieve some of the stress I made myself a really tasty cocktail. I had a pot of leftover roasted strawberries from some earlier baking so I muddled them together in my cocktail shaker with some fresh basil leaves. I popped in some ice and poured in a generous measure of gin. After some vigorously fun shaking I strained it into an ice filled tumbler and topped up with bitter lemon.

Beyond refreshing!

Hope you all had a better week than I did.


Monday, 3 June 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 3rd June 2013

So it's been a few weeks since I sat down and actually made a meal plan. After being away for a week, and eating one too many doughnuts I am relishing the idea of eating healthy things and planning again! I am sticking with just planning evening meals this time, as I will mostly be eating salads, soup and leftovers for lunches at work.

I did a great big Tesco shop yesterday to the tune of around £90, but this should see us through a couple of weeks so I was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn't go over the £100 mark. It is rare that I get to go to a nice big supermarket in person, so I tend to splurge a little when I do.

So here goes the plan;

Gammon steaks with sweet potato wedges and a nice fresh rocket salad. I might even push the boat out and fry an egg on the top. I also have leftover banana & bourbon loaf for pudding. *licks lips*

Chipolte turkey enchiladas with a nice avocado salad. I bought a chipolte chilli recipe kit form The Spicery so I am dying to use it!

I am heading to Zumba on wednesday night so will more than likely make this our "sort yourself out night", where I throw together some veggie pasta for myself. I have a lovely aubergine and courgette so may go for a small veggie lasagna instead.

Creamy prawn linguine with fresh chives (from my garden!). This dish could not be simpler; some cooked king prawns tossed in some linguine with cream cheese and herbs. Might even throw in some garlic if I'm feeling frisky.

Lightly dusted river cobbler (which I got on special offer), with sweet potato fries and salad. I also have the makings of a mean homemade tartare sauce.

I want to get on with some baking this weekend if I can, although I am out with friends on Saturday night, lets hope I am not too hungover to bake!

I will definitely be blogging my chilli experiment, and I might possibly blog the prawn pasta as well, depending on how lovely it turns out. Are you up to anything culinarily (is that a word? no? oh.) exciting this week?

I don't know if its the sunny weather or the fact I cleaned my kitchen to within an inch of its life yesterday, but I am itching to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm!

I have entered my meal plan into Mrs M's linky.

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