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Noughts, Crosses and Monkeys. Oh my!

Crisps, potato chips (for my American pals), beautiful little morsels of potato and pure heaven, am I right?

Despite my blog being named after a sweet little cupcake, I am much more of a savoury snacker. My total weakness is big ol' share bags of kettle chips. I could rather easily sit in front of Netflix and munch my way through a whole bag without batting an eyelid, and team that with a pot of hummus and I am in snack heaven.

Since being on Weight Watchers I have avoided crisps completely. A lot of the "healthy" alternatives masquerading as crisps leave a lot to be desired. So I think it best to just avoid them and dip cucumber and carrot in my hummus.

Walkers sent me some of these new "Noughts & Crosses" to try. They are 85 calories a bag and 2 Propoints. Which is perfect for a pack lunch, or mid-afternoon snack for me at work. Often if I am having a sandwich or wrap for lunch I miss having something crunchy for afterwards.

The packaging and branding seems to be geared towards kids, and the promotional material was all about increasing how much wholegrain we eat. I am not too concerned about this, but if I had a child it would definitely be a factor.

Me and the Boyfriend sampled the Roast Beef flavour which I personally did not enjoy, not because they were bad in any way, I just don't like roast beef flavoured crisps. The Boyfriend however really enjoyed them! He likened them to Monster Munch in texture with the signature walkers flavour. I would definitely be up for trying the salt & vinegar flavour, and a little birdie told me they are on special in Asda and Tesco.

So that is next weeks packed lunches sorted.

Along with my sample bag I got this adorbs little monkey toy. Although I am a big kid at heart I decided to gift this little cutie to my little godson Louie. He is nearly 2 and loved the little cuddly monkey.

What are your thoughts on "healthy" crisps? Worth the effort, or just not as good?

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own