Thursday, 30 May 2013

For the Love of Pinterest - Pin it forward UK.

I am sure you are all aware of the internet phenomenon that is Pinterest. If perchance you are not, then you are totally missing out on not only an awesome website, but one of the best procrastination tools ever invented.

I am a bit of a Pinterest addict, it is the perfect visual platform to while away the hours and get lost in pretty pretty pretty things. I have also come to appreciate it as a tool for driving traffic to my blog. Although, unlike a lot of site *cough* google+ *cough* it is not dullsville.

I use pinterest like a visual pinboard, pinning anything and everything that catching my interest. Whether it be recipes I love the look of, food styling I fancy trying or am inspired by, clothes I want to own, people I admire... The possibilities are endless. The thing I find most useful about Pinterest is the recipe inspiration. Its so easy to skim through a board looking for flavour combinations, decorating tips, new recipe ideas... Even if I don't follow the recipe verbatim, it acts as a launching pad for my own imagination!

Pinterest have now launched in the UK, so I thought I would take this opportunity to show you how I use pinterest and why I love it so...

This is one of my most used boards, as you can see it is dedicated to cake. I could literally spend hours scrolling through this beautiful collection of cakes. If I am trying to come up with an interesting idea for Cake Club, or just looking for something to rustle up of a weekend, I can usually find something that sparks an idea, or a recipe that peaks my interest. I also have boards for lots of different food groups; pizza, pie, drinks, meat, dough, and some more healthy eats too!

It is also a great way to pin-it-forward. If you love a particular blogger or blog post and pin it to your board. The people who follow you will see your pin and hopefully click or even re-pin. I see this as my own way to personally recommend things to people. I don't tend to pin everything and anything, I am quite selective and feel that I have built a good reputation on Pinterest.

So if you haven't already discovered the wonder of Pinterest, click on this registration link, give me a follow and wave goodbye to any free-time you once possessed.

As part of the Pin it Forward campaign I was asked to introduce you to a fellow pinner, this is part of a long chain (some of you may even be here because The Lone Gourmet introduced me!). So *drumroll* introducing the wonderful Caitlin from The Vegan Word *round of applause*. Check her out, there are some delicious vegan recipes on her blog.

If you are looking for some other fabulous foodie types to follow to get you started, here are some of my favourite UK pinners:

  • Roswensian

  • The Cake Hunter

  • The Littlest Bakehouse

  • The Grazer

  • Claire Bakes

  • Mulia

  • London Bakes

  • Jimsyjampots (She cooks, she eats)

    If you are a UK pinner, please feel free to leave your profile link below so I and anyone reading this can follow.

    If you have yet to discover the wonders of Pinterest, you can sign up here.

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    1. I follow you on pintrest and find that its usually your pins that im repinning! you have an admirable pinning style ! haha.

      anyway, i pin over at mbakesmbakes


    2. Lovely post Nelly. I've been pinning for awhile now but still learning the ropes I think. There's been a lot of wedding and aroundtheworldin80bakes pinning so far! I'm over at

      see you soon!

    3. I love pintrest but I find that I don't discover as many blogs through it as I do twitter as images are not always well linked back to where they come from.

    4. Thanks for the shout-out, you ADORABLE creature.

      And I must admit, you're one of my favourite pinners too.

    5. That was an interesting read...although I've never given much thought to Pinterest, I can totally see how it works as an inspiration source. Actually, your post is making me wonder whether I should get myself a Pinterest account as well. The point about giving up on all that's left of my free time sounds kinda scary, though! :P

    6. I've been pinning for a while and think it's great fun and you always seem to find some great dishes and I think I've repinned quite a few from you!


    All comments are greatly loved;

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