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Cleaning tips for the inherently lazy.

Due to lack of appropriate pictures for this post, here is one of Ruby lounging on some freshly washed sheets

I am not one of those people who loses sleep over a messy house. I remember as a child my Mum repeatedly asking me to do my chores and me screaming that I didn't even notice they needed doing. She would swear I was being deliberately lazy to avoid being given more chores but honestly I just don't notice things until they get to the "oh dear god, what is that smell?" stage.

Luckily I do live with a bit of a neat freak, he isn't too OCD about it but likes to keep things at a respectable level. So our house is not awful but looks appropriately lived in.

I have over the last year or so - since moving to our lovely new house - been making more of an effort to keep things nice, so thought I would share my tips on cleaning for those who may not be naturally inclined to do so - or people who are a bit lazy, like me.

Clean as you go...
I know, I know stating the obvious here but seriously putting shoes in the cupboard when you take them off, rinsing that glass you just drank out of right away, hanging that dress you tried on this morning but didn't like back up instead of throwing it onto the growing pile on the floor... These are all things that build up over time to make you look like you belong on a particularly bad episode of hoarders.

Break it down...
Break down the jobs through the week, so you don't spend your whole weekend cleaning (or in my case out of the house to avoid the cleaning). One of my favourite blogs A Thrifty Mrs did a great feature called Daily Housewife Prompts which broke down all the tasks into small manageable chunks through the week, which took 5 minutes. In rare moments of organisation I do make myself a list and try to tick at least one off each day.

A Place for everything...
Having a set place for all your crap to go really helps with the clutter pile up. We have this bowl in our living room which we throw clutter into, hair pins, necklaces, spare change, post, etc... Which helps in the short term making the house seem less cluttered, but eventually this bowl overflows and needs sorting. So now we have a cute pink mail thingy for keeping important letters in, my necklaces and hair pins have their own pot upstairs etc...

Make it fun...
Cleaning is never really fun and everyone would rather be sitting watching Gilmore Girls right? No? Just me? Oh.

No seriously though, if I have some music blaring I am 100% more likely to wash dishes, I even have my very own cleaning playlist on spotify which is packed full of cheesy dance tunes and Britney Spears to get my up and moving.

Invite family round..
And finally, nothing gets my cleaning juices flowing than an impending visit from the in-laws!

So the reason for this lovely little insight into my messy home is to enter the Foodies100 competition to win a Morphy Richards steam cleaner from the above video. I mean, imagine how clean and sparkly my house could be if I had one of these suckers? I may even begin to *cough* enjoy *cough* housework!

Feel free to share your own cleaning tips below, because I really do need the help!