Friday, 15 March 2013

Weight Watchers FAQ

One of the great things about being a Weight Watchers Blog Ambassador is that I get people asking me questions, over the last month or so I have had quite a few emails, direct twitter messages and facebook messages from friends and strangers asking for my advice on their menu's, details on how I am finding WW and even exercise tips (I know, this one made me giggle too).

I mean, I am no expert on this whole being healthy thing, but it does feel good to know I am inspiring/helping others. This also helps me stay on track as I know there are people out there who I am accountable too. I suppose its the online equivalent to going to a meeting.

I thought I would share a few Frequently Asked Questions with you;

1. How does Weight Watchers compare to Slimming World?
Now, I have never done slimming world before so am definitely no expert on this. The concept of red and green days, syns and free whatsits are completely alien to me. However, I have been told that Weight Watchers filling and healthy (F&H) plan is pretty similar.
The good thing about the filling and healthy plan is that there is no need to point every little thing you put in your mouth. As long as it comes from the approved "filling and healthy" list you can eat it. You still get the 49 weekly propoints to use on treats or meals out etc... (much like SW syns).

I sometimes have a F&H week when I feel like I am overwhelmed with pointing, or as a sort of break from the calculator.

2. How do you handle cooking different meals for yourself and your family?
A few people have asked how I find time to cook different meals for myself, and those in my house not following Weight Watchers, the quick answer to this is I don't! I plan my meals around things that me and my boyfriend will eat. I mean, who has time to be cooking 2 different things? For example, if I am cooking chicken breast's wrapped in bacon with potatoes and vegetables I will give him the larger chicken breast, cut the fat off my bacon, have less potato and load up my plate with salad or veggies.

3. I have started WW this week and am STARVING!!! What do you eat?!?!?!
This is probably the question I get asked the most. I have to tell you that for the first two weeks of weight watchers I was HUNGRY! Going from eating all the things at Christmas to eating a "normal" amount in January was hard, my body went into a complete sulk and my will power was tested to the max! After about 10 days the hunger went away and I adjusted to the new regime. I know it feels horrid at first but do stick with it.
Also, take advantage of the free fruit and veg to stave off the hunger, keep pre-chopped carrots in the fridge, take a pot of blueberries to work to nibble on.

4. So if I start WW now, will I lose 2 stone by (INSERT DATE HERE)
This is something I don't like being asked, if you are looking for a quick fix for a specific date I would say maybe WW isn't for you. For me weight watchers is a lifestyle change, its about changing habits and gaining control of your eating. I am such a lover of all things food that I could happily eat, eat and eat all day long, Weight watchers helps me realise how much I should be eating and makes me accountable for what I eat. I am happy losing 1-2lbs a week and seeing results in the longer term, which in my opinion last longer.

5. How do you allow yourself treats or rewards? The short answer to this is yes, I still eat chocolate and cake, just in much smaller doses than before. I still enjoy the odd MacDonald's breakfast, or trip to my favourite restaurant. Although, one thing I am careful about is rewarding weight loss with food. Throughout my life special occasions and accomplishments have been celebrated with food. I am trying to find new ways to reward myself which don't necessarily involve food. A manicure for achieving my first stone loss, a new dress to celebrate an anniversary.
I personally think making time for yourself is key to this whole lifestyle change.

I hope you enjoyed this FAQ post, and as it is rather wordy and not at all picture-y here is a photo of me for you, this is me 12 weeks into the weight watchers programme and 16lbs lighter. (apologies for the goofy facial expression)

So these were the top 5 questions I have been asked recently, if you have any more feel free to ask them below and I will try my best to answer them.



  1. You are so super brilliant. xxx

  2. well done! i lost 2.5 stone with weight watchers and never put it back on, it really works. I'm thinking of going back and giving it another go soon. I got fed up of pointing for so long so stopped, but might be ready to give it another go!

    Anna x


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