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Caramelised White Chocolate Profiteroles.

In March we celebrated our 7 year anniversary. We are not married but always celebrate the day we met, it is handy that it was at my friends wedding so she always reminds me when the exact date was. Rather than go out and spend lots of money we decided to stay in, cook and watch a film together.

Most special occasions in our house are celebrated with steak, it is too expensive to eat all the time but we love it so much that any occasion, no matter how small is an excuse to buy steak.

We prefer sirloin as it is easy to cook and bloody delicious. I served the steak with truffle oil mash and a mountain of rocket.

Its been a while since I made a proper dessert, normally opting for ice cream, fruit or something ready-made. Since it was a special occasion I decided to push the boat out and make some profiteroles. Paul has never eaten profiteroles until he met me (I know, weird) so I like to make them for him to remind him of how bleak his life was before me.

For Christmas I got the Skinny French Kitchen by Harry Eastwood. I absolutely adore this book, its not one of these books that simply tells you to use "low-fat" substitutes (with the exception of creme fraiche). Instead she encourages good quality food in smaller portions. I don't know about you but I'd much rather eat a small amount of something delicious than mountains of tasteless diet food.

I am not going to share the full recipe in this post as I think you should really check out this book. However, I can tell you that the profiteroles worked out at just 3pp each! This includes the choux pastry, creme patisserie and the chocolate topping. You could make them even lighter by removing the white chocolate and simply drizzling dark chocolate sparingly on the top!

I chose to make a caramelised white chocolate after seeing some delicious looking blog posts through Pinterest. I had never heard of it before but it looked pretty straightforward. I followed the instructions in this fabulous blog post from Food 52.

My chocolate was not the best quality, as I was reluctant to spend a lot in case it really didn't work. So the end result was slightly grainy but not noticeably so when on top of the profiteroles. I think next time I do it I will invest in some better quality chocolate.

The end result tasted a little bit like Caramac, but richer and smoother. I cooked mine for quite a while so got a pretty dark caramel colour, but you can alter the time to get the colour and level of caramel flavour to suit you.

My chocolate did not achieve the perfect runny texture in the oven, but a quick simmer in a bain-marie and it was gooey and lovely, as you can see in the gif above.

I hope you are not too disappointed with the lack of recipe with this one, but I would highly recommend getting the book, its only £12 on Amazon!