Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Move more, sit less.


Working in an office is not the most ideal environment for an active lifestyle. Sitting for long periods of time and being surrounded by temptations can be challenging. Those who work in offices will know that it always seems to be someone's birthday or celebration of some kind, which means I am never more than 20 paces from cake at any given time.

I feel so rude always saying no to cake, or the odd biscuit so to counter-act any (tracked and allowable) treat I have I try to up my activity levels.

When thinking about upping my activity levels I started researching various exercise classes, local gyms and ways to squeeze these things into my schedule. However, after talking to my fellow Weight Watchers blog ambassadors and the friendly folks of twitter I realised I could fit activity into my day on a seemingly smaller scale and it could still impact my weight loss.

I decided to try out my handy Weight Watchers Pedometer Plus, I'd always been put off pedometers as the idea of wearing a little pager-like device on my belt was hardly the fashion statement of the century. But, after reading the pamphlet which came with the pedometer I realised I could wear it in a pocket or (as I chose to) on my boot. (see picture)

So, the first day I simply walked my regular amount and earned around 3pp, which was OK but it wasn't long until my naturally competitive side kicked in and I started trying to better my number each day. By the end of the week I was earning 5-7pp a day just getting off the bus a stop or two early, taking stairs instead of the lift and taking a lunchtime walk!

The thing I like about the pedometer is you have tangible evidence of how far you have walked and how many points you have earned. I am inherently lazy at heart and when not wearing the pedometer I tend to hop on a bus for just two stops or grab the lift as opposed to the stairs (even for just one floor!). Wearing my pedometer is like having a little weight watchers robot spurring me on and keeping me on the straight and narrow.

After having a terrible off week last week due to a work trip I am pledging to earn 4pp a day this week through walking, lets hope it makes a difference to the scales! Wish me luck!

What do you do to help increase your activity levels? I am always looking for exercise suggestions or tips for someone as unfit as I am! I am also contemplating starting the C25K programme, anyone done it? Tips and advice always welcomed!


  1. Taking a walk at lunchtime is a great move Nelly :) I found it a great way not only to increase my daily activity but as a means to give my head a proper break from work.

    A couple of my friends have done the C25K programme and from what I could tell, it was a success and they actually enjoyed it!

    How far is your journey to work? Is getting a bicycle an option? A few years back I invested in a decent set of wheels and found it a great way to increase my daily activity (even getting to the point I ended up cycling the Normandy coast one summer...).

  2. Use the loos furthest from your office! They closed off part of the building where we used to use the loo, so now I have to make a longer detour to the loo, but you could just choose to do that and get off 'the chair of death' as my friend and I like to call it!


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