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Meal Planning Monday (ish) - 2nd January.

So Christmas was rather indulgent wasn't it? It's reached the point now where I am so tired of food, I would quite happily never eat again. However, it is essential to human existence and all that...

Now I am all about the Weight Watchers my meal plans will include breakfast, lunch and dinner - including the propoint values. As my boyfriend is not strictly following the plan I will make adaptations to evening meals to suit us both...

Breakfast: Oats so simple porridge with skimmed milk and blueberries. 4pp
Lunch: Tesco Light Choices Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup and WW danish bread. 6pp
Dinner: Meal out at italian restaurant est; 20-25pp
Snacks: WW Rich toffee bar, banana, 3 cups of tea - 6pp

Total: 39pp

Breakfast: Oats so simple porridge with skimmed milk and blueberries. 4pp
Lunch: Jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad - 12pp
Dinner: Healthy carbonara. 10pp
Snacks: WW Rich toffee bar, satsuma, 3 cups of tea - 6pp

Total: 32pp

Breakfast: Oats so simple porridge with skimmed milk and banana. 4pp
Lunch: Ham and egg salad - 3pp
Dinner: Aubergine Bake and 3 glasses of rose wine - 18pp
Snacks: fruit, 3 cups of tea - 4pp

Total: 29pp

Breakfast: grilled bacon, scrambled eggs and mushrooms - 9pp
Lunch: I tend to sleep in and have breakfast late, so no proper lunch, will snack on fruit and maybe two slices of toast for 5pp.
Dinner: Steak with mash potato and fried mushrooms - 14pp
Snacks: Dolce Gusto Latte (4pp)

Total: 32pp

Breakfast: Bacon and egg sandwich: 7pp
Dinner: Roast chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, carrots, yorkshire puddings and gravy. 16pp
I am going to try wither poached pears, or a oaty pear crumble for pudding. I estimate this to be 10-12pp depending on the recipe, will blog this once made.

Total: 35pp

I am allowed 39pp daily, so I have gone under everyday. I found the last time I did weight watchers my plan would be under each day to allow a little room for snacking or spontaneous plans which might crop up. I usually add this to my planner after the event.

Considering how I do this I am wondering if I should make my meal plans retrospective? Perhaps team it up with my weigh-ins to help show how my week has effected my weight? What do you think?

As the month goes on I will blog my recipes so you can see where the Propoint values come from and if you fancy, make them yourself! I will also be adding exercise gradually.

I have entered my meal plan into Mrs M's linky.