Monday, 7 January 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 7th January.

Managed to sort of stick to my meal plan last week, but as it was my first week on Weight Watchers I did stray a little and experiment with things. I do like to allow myself flexibility from the plan, as sometimes you just don't fancy what you thought you would, or you get invited to a friends house, or you see a picture of someones dinner on twitter and get inspired! The point of this plan is to give me a guideline of what I have in the house, and what I can make out of it!

This week I am back to just planning my evening meals, I'll be doing my usual porridge for breakfast, and then experimenting with different lunches, which I will blog about separately. So now onto the plan...

Chicken filo pie, veggies and gravy. 11pp

Cheeky carbonara. 10pp

I am off to a friends house so we are doing a "sort-yourself out" night. I will either eat out or make a quick veggie pasta.

Chilli beef enchiladas and salad. 12pp

Sausages and mash with carrots and gravy. 11pp

I will be tweeting and instagramming my meals using the #WWfooddiary hashtag, as will my fellow ambassadors, so if you need a bit of inspiration, check it out. I have entered my meal plan into Mrs M's linky.



  1. Replies
    1. I will be blogging my healthy carbonara recipe very soon!

  2. Good luck with Weight Watchers.
    I look forward to seeing the carbonara recipes, a fav but usually high in calories! x

  3. Love the sound of the chilli beef enchiladas

  4. Mmm all sounds good to me, glad it is not only means that likes to flex the menu most weeks :-)

  5. These meals sound delicious so you definitely aren't depriving yourself which will make sticking to WW so much easier! I often deviate from the plan if I forget to get something out of the freezer or just fancy a change :) Have a great week :)

  6. Chicken filo pie sounds nice. I think meal planning really helps when you're on a diet, helps you to find new things to eat and makes dieting less dull! Thanks for joining in.


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