Monday, 14 January 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 14th January.

I have been stupidly organised this week! I don't know if its the fact that because I am a Weight Watchers ambassador I feel I have to do well, and in order to do well I need to plan... Or if I am just having one of those rare moments of organisation that usually disappears as quick as it arrives.

Whatever is causing this rare bit of forward thinking, I am jumping on it before I revert back to form. So here is my meal plan for the week commencing 14th January.

Following feedback from a few I have decided to add back the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do let me know which you prefer!

Breakfast: Porridge with passion fruit and banana. 4pp
Lunch: Soup and a Salad (either Ham and Egg or Tuna) 8pp
Dinner: Gammon steak with mustard mash and green beans - 10pp

Breakfast: Porridge with passion fruit and banana. 4pp
Lunch: Subway 6" turkey and ham with salad and sweet onion dressing 8pp
Dinner: Spicy prawn pasta bake with salad - 8pp

Breakfast: Porridge with peaches. 4pp
Lunch: Weight Watchers Ready Meal - 9pp
Dinner: Left over pasta bake - 8pp

Breakfast: Porridge with peaches. 4pp
Lunch: Weight Watchers Ready Meal - 9pp
Dinner: Either a turkey mince cottage pie, or chilli with rice - 11-15pp

Breakfast: Porridge with peaches. 4pp
Lunch: Weight Watchers Ready Meal - 9pp
Dinner: Chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, with boiled potatoes and veggies - 14pp

Now anyone with a basic grasp of maths can see that this does not add up to my full allowance of 39pp per day, but I will use this as a basic outline and add snack and treat where and when I feel. This meal plan allows me to establish a routine and feel in control, so when I do snack or treat myself I know where it will fit into my plan!

Also FYI the ready meals I am having for lunches are the chilled ones which are currently only £1.50 each in Asda!

I will be tweeting and instagramming my meals using the #WWfooddiary hashtag, as will my fellow ambassadors, so if you need a bit of inspiration, check it out.

I have entered my meal plan into Mrs M's linky.



  1. This looks fab - and will definitely check out that hashtag on twitter and instagram.


  2. Friday's dinner is a fav here with bbq sauce on the chicken too and we had gammon yesterday. The mustard mash sounds perfect with it though.
    Good luck with the weight loss x

  3. That sounds great! The Spicy prawn pasta bake with salad sounds yummy!

  4. I love that you've included breakfast and lunch into your meal plan. Would gladly have anything you've got planned, but especially the gammon steak. Yum! We haven't had that in ages.

  5. I'm not doing weight watchers but am quite tempted! Mustard mash sounds Devine!

    Including breakfast and lunch is a good idea, have a fab week!

  6. Hi Nelly,

    I love weight watcher's product and food even though I'm not doing any weight watcher program. I like their portion size control and yet most of their products are very tasty too.

    Love to see how you cook or bake with your current weight watcher program. I'm now your latest follower :D


  7. Wow that all sounds wonderful. Good luck with the Weight Watchers

  8. Hope the diet is still going well, thanks for joining in!

  9. I saw your weight loss on twitter this week - well done! You are so organised! I'm jealous. Good luck with this week too

  10. That looks like an amazing weekly meal plan! I hope you enjoyed! You are far more organised than myself though. Hope the diet is still going well!

    Sim @ Sim's Life


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