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Giveaway: A Right Couple of Mugs and a sappy post.

Valentines day is just peeking its pink sparkly face around the corner and so I thought I would treat my lovely readers to a cheeky little giveaway.

Valentines for me has never been a big deal, we are not ones for grand gestures or schmaltz on February 14th. My opinion is pretty much that if you are only allowed to be loving one day a year, the world would be a sad old place to be.

Plus, our anniversary is in March so we save all of our pennies for a day when we are likely to get a table at our favorite restaurant, not surrounded by other loved up couples making grand gestures.

Now onto the sappy bit, so feel free to skip to the end if you like...

Hoss, my delightful other half (also known as Paulie) has been my boyfriend, best friend, chief recipe-tester, feet warmer, cheerleader, cheerer-uperer, and all round good guy for the past 7 years.

His constant support and encouragement has made this blog what it is, I have not always been the most confident person and when it comes to self promotion I am terrible. I am pretty much your typical self deprecating Brit. So, having that person in your corner, telling you they believe in you or that they are proud of your accomplishments is essential. That person for me used to be my Mum, and since she died I have really struggled. Having Paulie and his wonderful family has helped beyond words.

I guess I wanted this post to be a big soppy thank you to him. I couldn't have done it without you Bumder-face! (yea, we do pet names... what of it?!)...

So, back to the giveaway. The lovely people at T G Greens have offered up a set of these lovely Cornishware mugs, personalised with yours and your significant others name. Of course it doesn't have to be for a couple, you could get your children's names, days of the week, work or home... Whatever you want really! Simply complete the rafflecopter widget below to enter.

UK ONLY - Sorry to my international buds but this ones only for the UK.

Competition ends on Friday 1st February.

T G Green's provided me with these mugs free of charge, to review and run this fantastic giveaway, so this is a sponsored post.