Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gingerbread House Challenge 2012.

Last Sunday I took part in a fantastic charity event in Newcastle. It was a Gingerbread House Challenge organised by Lisa from Newcastle Clandestine Cake Club. This wonderful event was to raise money for the Sick Children's Trust, a really important charity which works to provide a home from home for families with children in hospital.

The event itself was amazing! So many people turned up, there was over 30 gingerbread houses entered and the venue was jam packed. There was also a raffle and various games like guess the weight of the cake etc...

There was also a gingerbread decorating table for the kids, which I was helping out with on the day. It went down really well and the kids definitely loved playing with icing and sweeties, I don't think the parents loved it quite so much when we handed their kids back sticky and full of sugar!

Here are some of my favourite houses from gingerbread street...

A lovely castle design and a ski chalet complete with a curly wurly balcony and lights!

Two more traditional style houses the one on the left won the most creative award and the one on the right won the most traditional.

These two beauties were created by Lisa(left) and Hayley (right) I adore the floral cottage with the matchstick picket fence. The New York style apartment complete with a tiny owl on the roof should of won in my opinion (and not because Hayley has threatened me in any way to say this *cough*)

My house (top) was created by Team Private Pie, which was myself, Hayley and Jane. We went for quite a traditional design and I had such fun decorating and building, although next year we are definitely going bigger and crazier!

Overall this event raised over £700 for The Sick Children's Trust, so hopefully this will become an annual event and go on to raise loads more.

Feel free to share your gingerbread house posts below, would be lovely to see some to help with plans for next year!



  1. What a great event Nelly! It is awesome you were able to raise so much for The Sick Children's Trust. The houses all look fantastic.

    At risk of not working out the obvious, on the 'most creative' house, how was the roof shaped?

  2. Mwahahahaa! lovely pictures, and i had such a great time building our little house. Can't wait til next year, when we build our life-sized house

  3. Sounds like a brilliant event. I love the little cat at the front door of your house.

  4. What a great event! Love your gingerbread house too! :-)


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