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Pie Pops - A Crazy Idea?

I have been a proud and slightly obsessive member of Newcastle's Clandestine Cake Club for nearly a year now, and just adore the concept of meeting likeminded baking-addicts in my local area, as well as eating copious amounts of cake.

Following the success of the CCC a few other baking related clubs have sprung up all over Newcastle (and the north-east). I have thouroughly enjoyed attending each and every one. My two particular favourites have been Private Pie Club and the Singing Hinnies & Fat Rascals Bake Club. I have met so many lovely people, had company to a plethora of local foodie events and feel like we are building quite a foodie network in the notorious NE.

For the most recent Singing Hinnies meeting I was stumped on what to bake! The theme was comfort food and all I could think about was pie. However, I knew a lot of the other Hinnies would be baking pastry wonders and wanted to try something completely new and different...

So I headed for pinterest for a spot of inspiration. I immediately stumbled across this fantastic post from Call Me Cupcake on Pie Pops! I knew I just HAD to make them.

I initially stuck to the simple nutella concept, as I was still unsure if they would actually work and didn't want to spend ages on a fancy filling if the pies were going to be an epic fail. However, once I shared my idea on twitter people were really encouraging and I decided to try some savoury ones too.

I started with a pretty simple shortcrust recipe and used a small scone cutter to cut lots of little circles.

Gently press the pop stick into the bottom pastry circle (not all the way through, just indent it.)

I simply spooned a generous serving of nutella into the middle of the bottom pastry circle, then egg washed the edges before laying another circle over the top. I crimped the edges with a fork to seal them paying extra attension to the pastry around the stick.

I then egg washed the whole thing and sprinkled with caster sugar.

For the savoury ones I mixed leftover roast chicken, carrots and mashed potato with a little gravy to make a delightful roast dinner flavoured pie filling. Similar to the method above I simply subbed the sugar for a sprinkling of sea salt. Et Voila! Pie Pops!

I did try a few other techniques including a lattice and pastry shapes on top, but as usual I ran out of time to be too creative.

I definitely want to play around with this concept a little more in the future, Christmas Mince Pie Pops are calling to me, as well as some sort of bakewell type pop... The possibilities are endless!

Any flavour suggestions?