Monday, 10 September 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 10th September

I am back on the meal plan bandwagon after a rather depressing month or so off. Everything went a bit pear shaped after my birthday week and I because a little lazy and disinterested in cooking. I was sick of having to be in charge of meals so went on strike.

We ended up spending far too much on takeaway, and sporadic mid-week shopping, so finally last week the boyfriend begged me to start meal planning again. So here it is...

Monday: Turkey Chilli with rice
Tuesday: Tuna pasta bake
Wednesday: Chicken Thighs and potato croquettes
Thursday: Ravioli on toast/ egg on toast or (sort yourself out night)
Friday: Sausage and bean casserole
Saturday: Bacon Sandwiches for breakfast/lunch and then leftover casserole for dinner.
Sunday: Chicken dinner at around 2pm.

It is pretty straight forward, pretty healthy and I have all the ingredients in the house from last weeks food shop.

I have even created a monthly excel spreadsheet totting up my weekly spend and which helps me create my online shopping list (yes, I am a geek).

How do you plan your weekly meals? Do you plan or wing it? Any money saving tips would be loved also....

I understand some may find these posts boring as there is no recipes but it is as much a tool for me to keep on top of everything and to refer back to when feeling uninspired.



  1. They're not boring, I love seeing what other people are eating! Maybe it's just me being nosy.

  2. I find that meal planning is such a great way to save money and eat healthier. When I have planned what we are eating we have less of the bad stuff and save money! x

  3. I really must start doing this!

  4. If I don't meal plan I buy way too many takeaways too! Lovely variety :)

    Found via the Mrs M linky x

  5. Sounds like a great meal plan. Never apologise for being "boring" - what you might think as boring can give inspiration to someone else. It's such a good way to keep accountable and make an effort with meals. Keep at it! Enjoy your week xx

  6. Most of the time I plan, that in itself saves money as I know if I do a sag aloo one day, there will be left over spinach to eat the next day so I make sure the meals flow.

  7. Hardly boring, all of it sounds great. I do hope you'll be posting at least some of the recipes though. Heh. Especially the tuna pasta bake, love that stuff.

  8. Definitely not boring, I'm quite nosey and like to see what other people are eating in their normal lives as opposed to just when they blog about the fancier things! I always meal plan for Mon-Fri but tend to leave weekends to just see what we're doing. To be honest I hate it at times but it's definitely cheaper and saves those horrendous head scratching after work visits to the shops!

  9. This post sounds EXACTLY like me! If I don't do a planned meal list, then I spend far too much money on convenience food and waste time trying to decide what to cook for me and the husband each night! A planned meal list (though time-consuming on a Monday) always makes my week hassle-free and saves me money!x


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