Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cocoa Boutique - Review


I was recently contacted by a lovely new company called Cocoa Boutique that wanted me to try their new Chocolate Tasting box and give them a little review. I have never in my life said no to chocolate so I wasn't about to start now!

A bit about the company;
Cocoa Boutique is a luxury artisan chocolate tasting club on a mission to bring it's members the very best Pralines, Truffles and Caramels.

All of their chocolates are hand made by award winning Master Chocolatiers such as; Barry Colenso, Pierre Ledent and Claire Hicklin to name but a few. Plus there’s a few hidden gems in each box from up and coming British chocolatiers to stretch your taste buds and give you a truly artisan experience.

My Introductory Box arrived in a handy letter box sized box and I wasted no time in tearing into it. I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging, it definitely lived up to its "luxury" name. Nestled in the beautiful cream coloured box, under a layer of delicate tissue paper were the most wonderful selection of chocolates! ...

Apologies for the dark pictures, I had planned to take more but they were so delicious we ate them all before I got the chance!

I am not a fan of white chocolate or fruity ones so passed them over to the boyfriend who assured me they were delicious! My particular favourites were the Cocoa Dusted Salted Caramels, 70% Ecuador Dark Chocolate Buttons and the Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans.

Below is a close up of the Cocoa Dusted Salted Caramels, I could of happily eaten a whole box of just these, they were simply amazing. The shell of chocolate was rich and sweet, and when you bit into it it gave a rather satisfying crack, the caramel oozed out, filling your mouth with a rich, liquid caramel with a slight hint of salt which perfectly counter-balanced the sweet chocolate. Simply amazing.

If I was to do this review based on the box of chocolates alone I would recommend it 100%, if I was to receive these as a gift I would be over the moon! However I am not entirely convinced by the chocolate club idea.

When I first read the information in the leaflet and on their website I imagined a site similar to the Graze system, where you give each item a thumbs up or down and future boxes are picked according to your tastes. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be set up this way. Maybe I have missed the point completely and the idea is just to experience the best chocolate around, but I would prefer a slightly more personalised service, for the price.

Cocoa Boutique has been launched for around 2 weeks and I have seen a lot of positive feedback on blogs, although I have also seen a few negatives; such as the price. Although in light of this feedback they are carrying on the introductory price of £9.95 indefinitely, for more info check out

Cocoa Boutique are also offering you the chance to win some lovely free chocolates! Head on down to for more information.

You can also follow Cocoa Boutique on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The tasting box was provided to me free for review purposes, but all opinion is my own


  1. Youre the second person ive seen asked to blog about these chocolates in as many days, they sure are getting around... do they not realise we already have hotel chocolat for ridiculously priced chocolates?? lol

    Your review is good though and fair, the chocolate club is a silly idea! :-)

  2. Great and honest review - I also did these and totally agree with you. Loved the chocolates and would happily give/receive as a gift, but not really sold on the chocolate club idea. A Graze system would be great,if they did this I think my box would be 75% salted caramels!


All comments are greatly loved;

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