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Peach Melba and Pistachio Mini Upside Down Cakes.

As expected I have been completely inspired by The Great British Bake Off. The same thing happened last year, as soon as the first episode hit my tellybox I head for the kitchen to recreate some of their best recipes in my own special way.

The first episode the contestants made an upside down cake, rum babas and a hidden design cake. I personally thought this episode was a toughie and huge round of applause to the lovely contestants for making some lovely cakes! Although non of their hidden designs were as cool as this Damien Hirst creation by Jules over at Butcher, Baker.

Being a bit rusty in the kitchen I decided to opt for the slightly easier upside down cake, although rum babas are now firmly on my to-bake list. Alongside my bake-off obsession I am also having a slight love affair with the gloriously juicy peaches around at the moment. I was recently introduced to the wonderful Doughnut Peach (sometimes know as a flat peach or a Saturn peach). These weird looking bad boys are simply amazing, so juicy and flavourful. Unlike your standard peach, these squished-looking cousins are a lot sweeter, the skin is a little thinner and less fuzzy, and the stone is teeny tiny and much easier to cut out. They also have a wonderful almondy/nutty flavour about them which is simply divine!...

Homemade Marshmallows

I got a lovely sugar thermometer for Christmas, I had such great plans of making jams and caramel and other delights which require boiling sugar to a specific temperature. So of course I popped it in my baking cupboard and promptly forgot I had it!

I would see recipes which required a thermometer and disregard them thinking I couldn't possibly make it without a thermometer! What a scatter-brain baker I am.

So the other day I was rummaging deep into my baking cupboard looking for Tupperware lids (I always end up with lots of boxes and no lids! How?) I came across this bizarre metal device... MY THERMOMETER!

This little find came at such a great time as I was just in the mood to do something new and exciting! I had seen Helen from Fuss Free Flavours talking about marshmallows on twitter and really wanted to give them a go, then I spied Niamh from Eat Like A Girl had blogged a really great recipe which explained exactly what each part did and how they worked (I love a bit of recipe science)...