Monday, 18 June 2012

Pop Chips - A Healthier way to snack. (Giveaway)

So as you may know by now I am on a diet, while I will still enjoy the occasional cake-based treat, I need to spend some time becoming more balanced and healthy. One of my biggest weaknesses is crisps, I love nothing more than sitting down to watch a movie with a share bag of kettle chips or a bloody great bag of Doritos. Also, a lunchtime sandwich just isn't complete without a nice bag of cheese and onion walkers! Am I right?

When I started Weight Watchers it didnt take long for me to check the points of my favourite snacks and to be perfectly honest I was shocked! 15-20pp for a share bag, 5-9pp for a regular shop bought bag of crisps! I just couldn't afford the points! *sobs*

I started to experiment with "healthier" alternatives, which frankly went from bland to blander, oven baked, rice cakes, wholegrain I tried it all but none could fill the whole in my heart (exaggeration alert) left by the humble crisp.

Enter Popchips... I was apprehensive as my previous experience of healthy crisps had not been pleasant, but when the lovely people at Popchips offered to send me some freebies to try and review I bit their arm off (almost literally).

I was pleasantly surprised, I am not going to say they completely measure up to the mighty Kettle Chip or a full fat variety of your choosing but they were delicious! Packed full of flavour with an interesting texture. The chips are not baked or fried but popped.

"Popchips are popped with heat and pressure to make a naturally delicious crisp with all the flavour and less than half the fat of fried crisps, fewer calories and none of the fake colours or flavours (or greasy fingers) that gives snacking a bad name."

Despite reading all the websites and press releases I am still in the dark as to what "popping" entails, but however they manage it they have created a healthy snack alternative to my favourite crisps, so thank you Popchips!

For those Weight Watchers out there, a 23g bag of popchips is just 3pp and you seem to get more for your points than with baked crisps as they are lighter in weight.

So if you fancy giving them a go you can... Popchips – single serve and share bag - are available in five taste-bud popping flavours, including original, barbeque, salt & vinegar, sour cream & onion and salt & pepper. you’ll find them in waitrose and in selected retailers including whole foods, whsmith (stations and airports), planet organic, selfridges, harvey nichols, and costco. you can also order popchips from the comfort of your sofa through or

Now for the exciting bit...

The people at popchips are giving ONE lucky reader the chance to win 24 single serve bags of popchips!

To enter simply leave a comment below telling me your favourite snack food. It is as simple as that!

For an additional entry simply tweet " I have entered @nellyscupcakes #popchips giveaway, its pretty awesome: "

(feel free to adlib on the tweet, it will still count, just be sure to include a link!)

Make sure you leave a Separate comment below telling me you have done so (including your twitter username)

Unfortunately this competition is only open to UK residents.



  1. But I love so many snacks how do I choose one?! I'll go with dry roasted peanuts, they are addictive!

  2. I tweeted as well from @BlueKitchenBake

  3. Crisps are a massive weakness for me too! My fave alternative so far is Warburtons Pitta Chips, which I think are maybe a liiiiitle bit healthier (but probably not much). They are light & crunchy - and sturdy enough so they don't snap in half when you scoop up some houmous! :D

  4. I love Doritos too, Cool Original are my favourite, they are great for dipping and so addictive. Like you, I am always looking for a healthier alternative to crisps :)

  5. I also tweeted from @rachwass2002

  6. My favourite snack food is definitely creme eggs. The top button on my jeans disagrees

  7. I absolutely adore breadsticks. Now I know you might think that doesn't sound too bad but I have a serious addiction. I eat far too many of them and have to reduce how many I buy to stop me eating so many. If your ever in a supermarket and see a stressed looking woman with a trolley covered with breadsticks and very little else please remove a few tubs from the trolley for me.

  8. I have tweeted the competition link & details

  9. My favorite snack food are avocados - I also love them as a topping on practically everything!

  10. I love carrots with hummus, but lately I've become addicted to popcorn with nooch and chili powder, mmm

  11. Great snacks! I love hale recipes. Thanks for nice share. I will try it for my healthy lifestyle.

  12. I love eating frozen peas as a snack - which I know is probably pretty weird! :)

  13. biscuits are my fave snacks but not good on the waistline x

  14. have tweeted @magical2727

  15. Don't know if I've missed the boat on this giveaway but I feel your pain! Crisps are my all time favourite snack and I would actually rather eat a bag of crisps than a cake. Will definitely check these out as I've never been able to find a healthy alternative that cut the mustard!

  16. baby biscuits the organix brands


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