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Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

If you'd asked me about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in April I would of enthused about all the wonderful baking I had planned and events I'd like to attend/organise, I would of gone on alarmingly about all the union jack themed bakes and regal inspired cakes I had planned. Now that it is right around the corner I have lost all my enthusiasm.

I am quite frankly a little sick of union jack bunting and if I never see another crown as long as I live it will possibly be too soon. I know, I know, I am being a complete scrooge but if challenged I will simply throw an epic straight-legged toddler tantrum.

OK, so I admit, I may just be letting recent real life events get in the way of my usual excitement for all things royal, but at this point in time I really don't care.

On top of the recent anniversary, we had to put our beloved cat to sleep on Monday. She had been poorly for a while and at the grand old age of 16 it didn't look too hopeful. I have never in my life experienced something so horrible as watching the vet do the deed, and my house feels empty and weird without her little jingly bell and persistent mewing.

So, I can only apologize for my complete lack of jubilee excitement, so when it came to choosing a Nigella recipe for this months Forever Nigella (which I am hosting) I was at a complete loss, and put it off till the very last minute.

I decided to just bake a classic, carrot cake, I mean who doesn't love carrot cake? I bet the Queen LOVES carrot cake (possibly).

Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

I stuck exactly to Nigella's recipe in "How to be a domestic goddess". The cupcakes were light and comforting, with a subtle hint of cinnamon. The cream cheese frosting was amazing, I do love a good cream cheese frosting. Highly recommend everyone to make these cupcakes if you ever need to cheer someone up, worked a treat for me.

Sincerest apologies to Sarah at Maison Cupcake for my lack-lustre hosting skills this month, I really should of planned better and thought about how hard this month might be for me.

Stay tuned for the round up of everyone who entered Forever Nigella this month which will be posted over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Happy Baking