Monday, 21 May 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 21/5/12

This weeks meal plan is pretty basic, you'll probably recognise most of the meals as I've made them a lot recently. I might be in a little bit of cooking rut but we like what we are eating so... Who cares!

This weeks shopping came to £36 in total, including cat food, cleaning products, and things for lunch and snacks. I didn't buy a lot of fruit or veg so may pop to Grainger Market this week to grab a few bits, much fresher than the supermarket fayre.

This week I have experimented with down-shifting, swapping my usual brand names with supermarket own brand. Tesco has a new "everyday value" range which I wanted to try out and see if we could save some pennies.

Here is my meal plan;

Beef stew.
I'll pop this in the slow cooker ready on Sunday night, lets hope I remember to turn it on this week!

Pasta Bake
I have a few cooked meatballs, some smoked sausage and chorizo in the fridge, so will throw them in.

Garlic chicken with homemade wedges
Roasted chicken legs and thighs with homemade oven baked potato wedges, might make the wedges sweet potato.

Chilli and Brown Rice.
A simple beef chilli with nice nutty brown rice, will make enough for leftovers too.

Chicken Kievs with mash potato and leek and cabbage.
Just tesco value chicken kievs (trying to see how they are) with a simple mash potatoe and some cabbage and leeks.

I have to say I am massively impressed by this range, My favourite things that I bought were the mozzarella (44p), diet lemonade (17p), orange juice (62p) and the margarine spread (1.69). I honestly couldn't tell they were "supermarket own brand".

Tesco are not the only supermarket relaunching their own brand, I have seem that Morrissons is also getting in on the act. I might try to get a few products from there to compare.

Would you be interested in a full review of these basic ranges? Maybe with tips on how to make the most of them in recipes?

I bought these items myself, the opinions are my own, I was not paid in any way for this post



  1. A VERY innovative plan Nelly! Well Done! OH yes, I am now coming to blog camp in London, was on the waiting list and now have a ticket!

  2. Lovely plan - I really like the rebranding of the value pack. We get a lot of Sainsbury's own and don't notice a difference.
    Enjoy your meals!


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