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Meal Planning Monday - 14/05/12

I have seen a lot of wonderful frugal cooking posts this week. One that caught my eye was the wonderful Mike's Baking, he has been living Below the Line and raising money for charity. He had to basically live for a week with only £5 to spend on food, at first I really didn't think it could be done, but hats off to him!

I have broken down my meal plan this week and tried to work out the exact cost of each meal, its pretty eye opening...

Smoked Sausage Pasta Bake.
This is quick becoming a favourite meal, cheap and delicious with plenty of leftovers for lunches.
I worked out that this meal costs roughly £1.73 for 4 portions, so 43p a portion.

Cod Fish Cakes and boiled potatoes
Just store bought fish cakes, easy and delicious for a mid-week meal.
I worked out that this meal costs roughly £2.40 for 2 people. (£1.20 per person.)

Beef Stew.
Just diced beef and root veg, slow cooked in stock and thickened with cornflour (seasoned with salt and pepper)
I worked out that this meal costs roughly £3.40 for 4 portions, so 85p a portion.

Sort yourself out night.
More than likely to be left over stew, possibly with a jacket potato or slice of bread.
The stew is still 85p a portion, add 17p for the potato, or a couple of pence for bread.

Spaghetti and Meatballs with Garlic Bread.
We use store bought sweedish style meatballs, they are delicious!
The spaghetti and meatballs costs roughly £1.95 for 2 portions, so 97p a portion. The garlic bread baguette is a tesco basic one which is 36p, so takes it up to £1.15 per portion.

The total for this meal plan is £9.66 for two people. For lunches I will be having Jacket potatoes with either coleslaw or cottage cheese and leftovers, for breakfast I will be having porridge and bananas.

So the total for the whole week is £14.21

Obviously I have a few treats thrown in, baking ingredients, cat food and litter, cleaning supplies etc...

Breaking it down to this level has really opened my eyes though, do I need to be spending £40 a week? Can I cut down even more? Or is that just ludicrous? What do you think? As usual I have entered this meal plan into Mrs M's Linky.