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Meal Planning Monday - 07/05/2012

Last weeks meal plan went great, having it up on the white board in the kitchen really helped me stick to it. Although it didn't have the same effect on everyone in the house, even though there was a reminder in big black letters on the wall, we had a few issues with people remembering to get things out the freezer.
This week is pretty boring really, it is starting on Tuesday, since Monday was a Bank Holiday in the UK. I have a lot of stuff in the freezer to use up so I only spent £15 in the supermarket this weekend; mostly on sandwich stuff, cat litter/food and wine. essentials, you understand.

Sausage and Mash or Toad in the Hole
depending on if we can be bothered to make Yorkshire puds when we get in, both will be served with sweet potato mash.

Chicken Kievs and homemade wedges with salad.
The kievs are bog standard supermarket ones, we are a bit addicted to them at the minute, plus so easy for a mid week meal!

Smoked Sausage pasta al forno.
One of our favourite things at the moment is Mattesson's smoked sausage, love it chopped up in pasta.

Chilli with brown rice.
We were suppose to have this last Friday but didn't, so we'll have it this week instead.

Breakfast will be toast/cereal and coffee.

Lunches will be sandwiches, or leftovers.

As usual I have entered this meal plan into Mrs M's Linky.

I know I mentioned last week I would include a shopping list this week, but I haven't actually been shopping so... Will do one next week, promise.

In other news, I started my new job this week. I absolutely LOVE it so far, it is so great to have things to do and lovely co workers to chat with. The downside is less time to blog and tweet. I shall have to get used to blogging in the evening and at weekends. So please do bear with me while I adjust to the change.

If you fancy guest blogging for Nelly's Cupcakes, to help me out while I adjust, then do drop me an email.