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Forever Nigella #15 - Jubilee-tastic!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be hosting this month's Forever Nigella for Sarah at Maison Cupcake. I am a huge fan of Nigella's work and use her as my yard stick to measure how much of a domestic goddess I am. Don't get me wrong, I am a 0.2 to Nigella's 10, but I try.

I am also excited about the theme this month which is centered around the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I am not ashamed to say I am a fan of the Royal Family. I know a lot of people see them as a drain on the economy or an outdated institution, but I love em! Give me a bit of pomp and ceremony and I am a happy girl. One of my happiest memories of last year was spending the weekend of the Royal Wedding with my Mum, baking cakes, eating cucumber sandwiches and laughing at the fact she cried throughout the whole ceremony.

Forever Nigella is the only regular blogging event to share your culinary moments dabbling with the domestic goddess.

You can bake, make or cook absolutely anything from any of Nigella's books, or if you don't happen to own one (gasp!) then do check out these online resources;

Nigella’s official site:
BBC Food:
Channel 4 Food:
UKTV Good Food Channel:
Food Network:
Daily Mail:

I will be blogging my regal recipe shortly, I had hoped to have it ready by today but with starting a new job this week I have been super busy.

To enter this month's Forever Nigella, prepare and blog one of Nigella's recipes, relevant to the theme of The Jubilee, then submit it to the linky below. I will post a round up of all the entries on 1st June.

The rules are as follows:

1. Blog your entry by 28th of the month showing:
a) the current Forever Nigella badge
b) a link to this announcement post
c) a link to the Forever Nigella page at Maison Cupcake:

n.b. posts must have been published since the announcement post. Archived posts need to be re-published afresh if you wish to submit.

2. Remember copyright.
You must NOT reproduce Nigella’s recipes verbatim. Tell us which book it is from and/or link to it online. If you’ve adapted the recipe in some way i.e. changed at least two ingredients or amended the method then it’s ok to publish the a recipe in your post but you MUST write directions in your own words.

3. Submit your post
Email me the link to your post (nelly AT nellyscupcakes DOT, copying in Sarah (sarah AT maisoncupcake DOT com).
Also please do enter the linky below. 

 You can also tweet your post quoting #forevernigella. I am on @nellyscupcakes and will retweet any that I see. You will find Sarah at @MaisonCupcake.

As an added bonus, 5 random participants will get a Montezuma's British Pudding bar like the ones shown!

I can't wait to see all of your fabulous regal entries!