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Salted Caramel Shortbread

My last caramel shortbread post, for some unknown reason, is my most popular post to date. Don't get me wrong it was bloody delicious and I am glad people love it, but I have no idea why so many people have stumbled onto the post - obviously I am some sort of SEO savant.

So, seeing as people are obvious crazy for the caramel I decided to make some more, and put a slight spin on it.

Salted Caramel Shortbread!

The whole salted caramel thing has really taken off in the foodie/blog world this year. Ever since we saw Nigella dripping with the stuff on the cover for Stylist Magazine, we have fallen in love. Hard...

I've never actually tried to make salted caramel before, not because I didn't want to, but just the idea of boiling sugar and thermometers fills me with absolute terror! When I saw a recipe on the BBC website which favoured the condensed milk method I decided to give it a go.

I stuck to my previous recipe for the shortbread base, as it was lovely and light and I was confident it would work well. When it came to the caramel it just all went a bit wrong. I am not sure if it was the recipe itself, as I haven't had the best experience with BBC recipes, or if it was me. I MAY have added a smidge too much golden syrup, and some of the condensed milk might have "spilled" (into my mouth) but... OK, so maybe it WAS me. *hangs head in shame*

The caramel just wouldn't set or thicken like it was suppose to.

It was still really tasty at the end of it, but just looked a bit like vomit.

For the chocolate I used a product that I recently won in a giveaway on the My Bakes UK website. Renshaw Simply Melt Milk Chocolate Buttons, it claims to be easy, simply melt and then drizzle or pour.

It tasted great, and at £1.59 for 200g its not a bad price. Although I don't think you actually get the full 200g stated, because of the pouring/melting method I ended up with a lot stuck in the bottom of the odly shaped packet, and when I tried to remelt it burnt.

Not sure I would rush out and but it as I'd rather buy chocolate chips/buttons I can melt how I want, rather than in the supplied pack, but the quality of the chocolate was nice and it might be a good option if you are baking with little ones and don't want them near a bain marie.

Image courtesy of My Bakes

Go on then, make me feel better and share your culinary disasters with me, I can't be the only one surely?