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Meal Planning Monday - 30/4/12

Last weeks frugal week went swimmingly, we didn't buy food at all and stuck to the plan to the letter. It is amazing what have no money can do! This week is payday week so we have a food shop scheduled to be delivered tonight.
I have avoided the usual temptation of going a but mad after payday and stuck to our usual budget of £40, but hopefully I have planned a lovely week of food to make up for last weeks frugality.

Meatball pasta al forno
we favour rigatoni, and much prefer oven baked pasta dishes.

Chicken Kievs and Potatoes
The potatoes will be either mashed, boiled or roasted, depending on what we fancy on the day.

Chicken and Pearl Barley Stew.
something we can help ourselves to easily as we are both home at different times.

Gammon Steaks with sweet potato mash and veg.
veg will be green beans and baby sweetcorn for me.

Chilli with brown rice.
we actually prefer the texture and flavour of brown rice

Homemade Pizzas.
So much cheaper and more delicious to make our own takeaway!

Toad in the Hole.
Our cheaper version of a Sunday dinner, will serve with mashed root veg, cabbage and gravy.

Breakfast will be bagels and coffee.

Lunches will be tinned soup, porridge & fruit, or leftovers.

I am quite excited by this meal plan, it is pretty much our top 7 meals of he moment.

Another method I use to help stick to the plan and communicate the plan to the whole house is writing it on the whiteboard in the kitchen. I picked up our whiteboard for £1.99 in Tesco!

I find that having the plan written in black and white on the kitchen wall helps everyone know what we are having when, it also helps remind me what needs to be taken out of the freezer and when.

As usual I have entered this meal plan into Mrs M's Linky.

I am tempted next week to go a little more into my shopping list and how I do our online shop to make it as cheap as possible, would this be something of interest?