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Meal Planning Monday - 2nd April

I have had a couple of weeks off meal planning and I have definitely missed it. These last two weeks have reaffirmed my love for meal planning and made me realise how vital it is. I haven't done a big supermarket shop for those two weeks, instead nipping to the shop almost every day for little bits, and spending far too much money on take-away.

I am drawing a line under the last two weeks and moving on, getting back on track, and both my purse and waistline are grateful for the relief.

Monday: Turkey escalopes, boiled new potatoes, fried mushrooms

Tuesday: Beef Chilli tacos with brown rice

Wednesday: Homemade macaroni cheese/ tuna pasta (after Zumba)

Thursday: Chicken Kiev with garlic mash and veg

Friday: Rabbit pie (Good Friday)

Weekend: as it is a 4 day weekend I will be doing a fair bit of baking, pretty excited!

This weeks online shop came to £45 including delivery, as I hadn't done a big shop for a while we were pretty low on basics, so this includes stocking up on baking essentials and spices, pasta, rice etc...

Feels good to be back in control!

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