Monday, 23 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 23/4/12

Last week went pretty much to plan, we were naughty one night and had a sneaky chip shop dinner, but apart from that we stuck to the plan and were organised.

This week is going to be a very frugal week in my house, the last week before pay-day, in the month before I start my new job and am going to be about £150 out of pocket.
This month has been a pricey one with some unforeseen vet bills and what not, so there is no usual weekly shop planned, we are just going to try and eat out of the freezer and cupboards. I will be popping to the shops to grab bread, milk and cat food, but apart from essentials I'm going to have to get creative.

This is the thing that I love about meal planning, I know exactly what is in the house so can built meals around what we have rather than spending £40 on things we may not need. The meals may not be gourmet or particularly creative but they are cheap and cheerful, what more do we need?

Marinated chicken thighs and legs with boiled potatoes and sweetcorn.
I will be marinating the chicken in a BBQ marinade

Beef stew
Made up of diced beef, root veg, potato and beef stock

Sort yourself out night.
left over beef stew probably

Lasagne or bolognese pasta bake.
I always make a large amount so we can have leftovers for lunch the next day

Freezer meal, probably chicken kievs, potato waffles or something similar.

Lunches will be tinned soup, porridge & fruit, or leftovers.

N.B sort yourself out night is a night when we both are in at different times so we make our own meals.

My week of no spending last week went really well! Apart from my £15 bus pass I didn't buy anything from Monday-Friday. I would usually buy the odd bottle of water, maybe a sandwich at lunch, a coffee here and there... It all adds up.

I also sold a few bits and bobs on ebay this week too and made a lovely £41.36, although ebay are keeping it for up to 21 days as I am new to the whole ebay thing. *shakes fist at ebay*
I may have caught the ebay bug though, it is quite addictive and profitable. I have suitcases full of old clothes, shoes and bags that I never use so I think a good clearout is in order.

Do you do anything to raise money or supplement your income? Feel free to share below...

Also I was thinking of posting some of my recipes for frugal meals along with a cost per person, is this something people would be interested in or should I stick to what I know; cake?

As always I have submitted my meal plan to Mrs M's linky.



  1. week before pay day sucks! sounds like you're going to have a delicious week of food though!

    1. Thank you, I hate the last week before pay day, especially if the last day of the month falls on a MONDAY! BOO!

  2. Have you visited love food hate waste?
    We have a cash 4 clothes van too
    Sounds very similar to my week

    1. Cash for clothes van?

      I have heard of love food hate waste, but will check it out now.


  3. Very thrifty and yet VERY imaginative meals Nelly, well done! I will sort those clothes out for you too - they are in France, but when I come back again, I will post them to you!

  4. Yes, I'm having a freezer week too until Thursday when one lot of money goes in!
    I tend to get lots of recipes from everywhere so please post more so I can try out more (but I do have 2 fussy kids!)


  5. I'd definitely be interested in more recipes! x

  6. Always interested in more recipes! I regularly jam my freezer door trying to cram way too much stuff in- a freezer week sounds like a good idea! x


All comments are greatly loved;

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