Monday, 16 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 16/4/2012

As it was a bank holiday last monday I was in complete holiday mode and didn't do a meal plan for the week. By Wednesday the familiar feeling for dread accompanied the question of "what's for dinner?". I also had nothing planned for my lunches so ended up spending on bland shop bought sandwiches, which I hate doing.

This week I was more prepared. I had my meals planned and my online shop sorted by Wednesday, ready for the Sunday morning delivery.

So here is this weeks meal plan;

Meal out at a local restaurant (happy hour special with our Grand National winnings)
Meal out cancelled due to boyfriends bad back. Will have to rethink, possibly jacket potatoes and salad.

Salmon fish cakes with boiled potatoes and veg

Sort yourself out night.

Smoked sausage pasta al forno.

Chilli or lasagne (depending on mood)

This weeks shop came to £41 (which included a few cleaning products and toiletries)

sort yourself out night is a night when we both are in at different times so we make our own meals, boyfriend normally goes for a toastie and I rustle up some veggie pasta or stir fry.

This meal planning malarkey has really got me in a frugal mood recently. I am determined to get myself on a better financial footing in the next year. To stop burying my head and pay off some student debt and get myself firmly in the black. I'm not in that much debt really but would love to be able to start saving and being able to afford things like holidays and new clothes.

So, if you have any tips on how you save money or make money, please share below. It can be food related or otherwise.


As always I have submitted my meal plan to Mrs M's linky.



  1. Is your student loan the official one from the Student Loans Company? Or a personal bank loan? If it is the former, I would advise forgetting about it. I am still £12K in debt from my degree which I finished 8 years ago. Last month I paid in £500 and got charges £400 in interest. It doesn't affect your credit rating and just comes out of your wage like tax etc so I would just concentrate on your immediate finances. If it's a bank loan then I think you are doing the right thing in tackling it now. Seems to me like you are approaching it the right way, meal planning and shopping sensibly are good ways to start. Little things add up. I once spent £45 on Dominos pizza in a month, I was mortified but it was only 2 or 3 nights when I had it! Look into switching utilities bills, insurance etc as well. Good luck!

    Sorry for the essay! Have a good week x

    1. Thanks Lauren.

      I am not counting my official student loan which is about 15k or so. It is a graduate bank loan which has about 9 months left before it is all paid off! WOO!

      I am determined to be debt free! It will happen... *determined face*

  2. Meal Planning is a great way to save money, I do a monthly stock take of food to make sure I am not buying things I already have. I find shopping online saves me money as I only buy what is on my list. I also use lefts overs a lot so if I roast a chicken I will use what's left over for the next meal.


All comments are greatly loved;

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