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Meal Planning Monday - 30/4/12

Last weeks frugal week went swimmingly, we didn't buy food at all and stuck to the plan to the letter. It is amazing what have no money can do! This week is payday week so we have a food shop scheduled to be delivered tonight.
I have avoided the usual temptation of going a but mad after payda…

Salted Caramel Shortbread

My last caramel shortbread post, for some unknown reason, is my most popular post to date. Don't get me wrong it was bloody delicious and I am glad people love it, but I have no idea why so many people have stumbled onto the post - obviously I am some sort of SEO savant.

So, seeing as people are obvious crazy for the caramel I decided to make some more, and put a slight spin on it.

Salted Caramel Shortbread!

The whole salted caramel thing has really taken off in the foodie/blog world this year. Ever since we saw Nigella dripping with the stuff on the cover for Stylist Magazine, we have fallen in love. Hard...

Shirley Temple Cake

You may have seen on my previousCake Club post that I made a Shirley Temple cake? I promised you a recipe, so here it is. (really really late but hopefully worth the wait?)

The Inspiration for this cake is the lovely mock-tail (non-alcoholic cocktail) known as the 'Shirley Temple', which according to Wikipedia was invented in Beverly Hills to give to the adorable child star, who was too young for a real cocktail. The ingredients vary from recipe to recipe but the main flavours are ginger ale, lime, and grenadine; usually served with a generous portion of maraschino cherries.

As usual I came up with the idea weeks and weeks before cake club but left my actual baking experimentation till the last minute, I was very lucky it worked so well, as it was a total experiment incorporating about 12 different recipes, smooshing them together and hoping they worked...

Meal Planning Monday - 23/4/12

Last week went pretty much to plan, we were naughty one night and had a sneaky chip shop dinner, but apart from that we stuck to the plan and were organised. This week is going to be a very frugal week in my house, the last week before pay-day, in the month before I start my new job and am goin…

Banana, white chocolate and almond muffins.

Ok so I am going to admit something that will sound unusual considering the title of this post but; I don't like bananas. Let me explain, Peeling a fresh yellow banana and biting into it makes me want to gag. The texture, the smell, the stringy bits... Just gross.

However, I do like banana flavoured things and bananas cooked in things. When I buy bananas I spend a full week planning potential banana flavoured treats as I impatiently wait for them to turn all sad and brown. I really wish you could buy gross brown bananas for a huge discount somewhere, maybe my local market will cut me a deal?

I also read this week that Scarlet Johansson's super power is muffin baking! She told E! online that "I can make blueberry, banana chocolate chip…it's like a superpower, just more fattening, I guess." She doesn't really look like she eats many muffins but it did make me feel quite "Hollywood" while baking these badboys...

Meal Planning Monday - 16/4/2012

As it was a bank holiday last monday I was in complete holiday mode and didn't do a meal plan for the week. By Wednesday the familiar feeling for dread accompanied the question of "what's for dinner?". I also had nothing planned for my lunches so ended up spending on bland shop …

Sunday Lunch - Easter Bunny Pie

At a recent farmers market in Newcastle I impulse bought some diced rabbit to try and it has been sat in my freezer for weeks waiting for me to decide what to make with it. I have never even eaten rabbit let alone cooked with it so I was a little scared of getting it all wrong.

I posted on Kitchen Bitching asking for help, I turned to twitter for advice and spoke to all my foodie friends to see what they would do with it. I got some wonderful advice and ideas but in the end I just decided to go for it and stop worrying so much.

As it was Easter last weekend I decided it would be morbidly cute to make a rabbit pie (or Easter bunny pie), and I have to say it was delicious, and the perfect revenge for not receiving any Easter Eggs this year. *pout* ...

Hot Cross Buns

Another first for me this Easter was Hot Cross Buns, I have never made them myself before and I was pretty excited to give them a go. Lots of much more organised bloggers had posted their buns weeks earlier, I'd been drooling all over my keyboard for weeks!

Special mention to Karen and Roswen for their drool inducing buns (Oo-er)

I tried baking my first batch of buns the weekend before Easter but the curse of the BBC recipe site struck again and they were awful! hard on the outside, raw int he middle, heavy and generally inedible. I was gutted, what a waste of flour! ...

Mini Egg Brownies

Brownies are one of those things that I can never seem to get right. Either they are too cake-y and dry or far too wet or gooey, I've never been able to find that perfect fudgey middle ground; until now.

I put out a plea on twitter for everyone's favourite brownie recipe and I got an overwhelming response and a lot of recipes to try, but a lot of people raved about Nigella's brownie recipe from the Domestic Goddess book. I don't actually own this book but my sister does so as she was coming over for a day of baking I asked her to bring it with her. After a quick flick through it is going on my cookbook wishlist for sure! So many yummy things!

Not only was this recipe remarkably simple, it was bloody delicious and so adaptable! ...

Happy Easter and a Hedgehog Traybake

Hedgehog is something which takes me right back to childhood. I remember my Auntie Hilary and Granny used to come up north to visit and bring homemade caramel shortbread and hedgehog.
So this weekend when my sister was over for a super fun day of baking we decided to revive this childhood classic. We didn't have the original recipe to hand so we sort of made it up as we went...

I met Mary Berry!

I had a rather exciting week last week which started with going to the Living North show at Gosforth Racecourse. I had heard of the Living North show but never really thought of it as a foodie event, but boy was I wrong. A few weeks ago on twitter I saw the lovely Lauren talking about going to see Mary Berry and knew instantly that I HAD to get tickets.

As a fan of the Great British Bake Off and baking in general I really couldn't pass up the chance of seeing/meeting the queen of cakes herself, and actually watching her bake something! To say I was excited would be the understatement of the century....

Meal Planning Monday - 2nd April

I have had a couple of weeks off meal planning and I have definitely missed it. These last two weeks have reaffirmed my love for meal planning and made me realise how vital it is. I haven't done a big supermarket shop for those two weeks, instead nipping to the shop almost every day for littl…