Monday, 12 March 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 12/03/12

Last weeks meal plan was actually quite successful! We didn't stick to the days but we ate all of the meals I had planned and that's what counts. The biggest problem before I started meal planning was having those panic moments at around 6pm of "CRAP! What are we having for dinner, I am starving, lets have chips!" My waistline and wallet were not happy with this arrangement.

Now because of meal planning I know exactly what is in my cupboards, fridge and freezer. Even if I don't fancy what I have planned I know I have a couple of back ups.
So without further ado here is this weeks plan;

Sunday: Roast Pork dinner with all the trimmings
(left over roast pork for sandwiches through the week)

Monday: Sausage and bacon sandwiches (quick meal as we are out with friends)

Tuesday: Sort yourself out night

Wednesday: Bolognese pasta bake with garlic bread

Thursday: Left over pasta bake

Friday: Toad in the hole with root veg mash.

This weekend food shop cam to £35 in total, we were lucky enough to visit with the inlaws this weekend so we now have a freezer jam-packed full of meat!

I have as always linked my post with Mrs M's meal planning linky. Head on over to see what everyone else is planning.


  1. Our meals are quite similar this week!

  2. You any idea what you will have on Tuesday?

    1. Tuesday are the nights that I go out, either to Zumba or Knit club so Mr Nelly just sorts himself out, normally a toastie or bacon sandwich. I then have a quick pasta meal, or eat out. :)

  3. Mmmmmm roast pork! Thanks for joining in.


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