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Meal Planning Monday - 12/03/12

Last weeks meal plan was actually quite successful! We didn't stick to the days but we ate all of the meals I had planned and that's what counts. The biggest problem before I started meal planning was having those panic moments at around 6pm of "CRAP! What are we having for dinner, I am starving, lets have chips!" My waistline and wallet were not happy with this arrangement.

Now because of meal planning I know exactly what is in my cupboards, fridge and freezer. Even if I don't fancy what I have planned I know I have a couple of back ups.
So without further ado here is this weeks plan;

Sunday: Roast Pork dinner with all the trimmings
(left over roast pork for sandwiches through the week)

Monday: Sausage and bacon sandwiches (quick meal as we are out with friends)

Tuesday: Sort yourself out night

Wednesday: Bolognese pasta bake with garlic bread

Thursday: Left over pasta bake

Friday: Toad in the hole with root veg mash.

This weekend food shop cam to £35 in total, we were lucky enough to visit with the inlaws this weekend so we now have a freezer jam-packed full of meat!

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