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Meal Planning Monday - 05/03/12

Monday has rolled around again. I had such a busy weekend I have hardly had time to sit down let alone plan or shop. Luckily last weeks shop was such a good one that we have plenty of food to tide us over. I simply popped to the local shop for fresh bread, milk and cat food.

This weeks meal plan is quite loose, these are what I plan to have but with a lot going on this week the meals may get shuffled around;

Monday: Chicken Kievs with boiled new potatoes and sweetcorn.

Tuesday: Sort yourself out night

Wednesday: Beef lasagne with garlic bread

Thursday: I am eating out so left over lasagne for boyfriend.

Friday: Either homemade fish and chips, or chilli jacket potatoes.

We have plenty of tinned soup, cereal, and sandwich stuff for lunches so it will be yet another cheap week for us. I shudder to think how much money we used to spend on food, we used to go to the supermarket every Sunday without planning and just pick up £50 worth of food; half of which would go off before we ate it. So wasteful!

I am looking forward to this months No Food Waste Challenge from Turquoise Lemons, if you are interested in cutting down food waste you should check it out, some great ideas!